Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable Modulator Using FPGA for Cognitive Radio System

Abstract With the increase of smartphones and laptops, number of users using communication systems is increasing day by day exponentially. The frequency spectrum required for these systems is limited. Thus in order to increase the proper utilization of the spectrum, cognitive radio technology is being developed. In this system, spectrum is shared between the primary […]

Development of Energy Management System for Residential Load in India

Abstract Electrical power generation scenario is changing across the world dramatically. This is basically due to the fast diminution of conventionally vital sources like coal, oil, natural gas, etc. The alternative solution is renewable energy (RE) sources as they are abundant in nature and freely available. They also help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This […]

Performance Analysis of N-Type Gated Diode Three-Transistor DRAM in 180nm Technology

Abstract In this paper three-transistor n-type gated diode DRAM cells have been designed and analyzed. In this design storing capacitor is replaced by n-type gated diode to improve memory read/write operation. In today’s world to store digital data, demand of semiconductor memory increases day by day. Generally in embedded DRAM, SRAM is widely used because […]

Performance Analysis of Adaptive Noise Canceller in Digital Filter for Human Voice Separation

Abstract This Paper involves the performance analysis of Adaptive Noise Cancellation system (ANC) and its noise cancellation application by taking more realistic noises. Noise cancellation is a common occurrence in today’s telecommunication environment. The main purpose of this research is to eliminate unwarranted noise that exists in incoming signal, which makes it difficult to understand. […]

True Random Number Generator through Beat Frequency Oscillators in FPGA

Abstract True random number generator finds applications in cryptography, communications, industrial testing, computer games, random padding and Monte Carlo simulations. Software based random number generators suffers from higher delay due to serial execution of codes, low quality due to correlated data, low throughput and large processing time. FPGA based random number generators are efficient due […]

Apple Detection for Harvesting Robot Using Computer Vision

Abstract Development of fruit detection has always been a challenge for a harvesting robot. Detection of fruit in an unregulated environment with change in illuminations affects the harvesting robot’s efficiency. This paper presents the improvement of robotic apple harvesting by enhancing apple detection and visibility by handling occlusion in outdoor conditions. For detection of the […]

Signaling Approached Based NoC Architecture for Improving Quality of Service

Abstract System on chip (SoC) is generally referred to as the integration of software and silicon hardware which are designed to perform certain functions for various applications like smart phones, digital television etc. Network-On-Chip (NoC) can be seen as the novel communication mechanism that can be adopted for utilization with SoC. Router plays a very […]