Effects of aqueous extract of lavender (Lavandula officinalis) on the liver tissue and blood fat in Balb/C adult female mice

Abstract In addition to sedative and analgesic properties, aqueous extract of lavender is effective in the treatment of diabetes and rheumatism with antioxidant properties. However, the effects of extract have not yet been studied on the liver. In this study, effects of aqueous extract of lavender were studied on the liver tissue and blood fat […]

Performance assessment of decision making units in different levels using a hierarchical clustering DEA method

Abstract Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a performance assessment technique which mathematically provide a covering frontier referred to as the efficiency frontier. In DEA theory the units are supposed to be homogenous and comparable, whereas, this assumption is not always hold in practical issues when there is high-level units. In this paper, to have a […]

Investigating the effect of the relationship marketing on customer loyalty to smart phones brands A case study of Samsung mobile customers in Bushehr province of Iran

Abstract One of the most important features of a brand is the ability to create loyalty in customers which is considered the key in today’s business success. By increasing the customers’ loyalty, market share and profitability of a business increase accordingly. Today, the challenge that is faced by all the markers is to find a […]

Technical and economic analysis and evaluation of multimodal terminals with a focus on performance of port (Case Study of Noshahr Port)

Abstract Multimodal transportation is currently one of the transportation approaches that using it in the transportation network reduces the freight transportation lag. Creating goods transportation terminals plays an important role in the formation and development of multimodal transport system. Ports as multimodal terminal of goods and products are considered as incoming and outgoing gates of […]

Designing OR logic gate using two-dimensional optical crystal according to Mach Zehnder filter suitable for all-optical digital integrated circuits

Abstract Photonic crystals can be simply defined as an environment with intermittent optical properties which consist of intermittent dielectric and has one-, two- and three-dimensional structures. One of the unique properties of optical crystals is the property of controlling the light passing through the area called photonic band gap which is due to the intermittence […]

Investigation of Development Indicators in Agriculture and Livestock Sectors in Isfahan Province Townships

Abstract Understanding differences between various geographical areas in terms of development level is an inevitable necessity. In this regard,development indicators in agriculture and livestock sectors are particularly important. Hence, this study aims to use the abovementioned indicators to demonstrate Iran’s development situation in terms of townships of Isfahan Province. Using numerical taxonomy, the study exhibits […]

Estimating Expected Return based on Capital Asset Pricing Model compared with Stock Interest Rate at Tehran Stock Exchange

Abstract The objective of this study was to estimate the expected return rate based on asset pricing model compared with stock interest rate at Tehran Stock Exchange. Data related to 104 firms as sample was analyzed during 2010-2015 (n= 624). Data was analyzed using Excell and Eviews 6 software which central indices including mean, median […]

Investigating the successful strategies of marketing and the export of technical and engineering services

Abstract The aim of this research is to investigate the successful strategies of marketing and export of technical and engineering services. The research method: for testing hypotheses and investigating the confirmatory factor analysis the structural equation modeling (model of measurement) will be used; among the correlation researches this one is a correlation matrix analysis or […]