Artificial Neural Network Application for Contingency Ranking Based on Condition Number Incorporating IPFC

Abstract This paper investigates the effect of incorporating an IPFC on Contingency Ranking(CR). The contingencies are ranked based Condition Number (CN) of the Jacobian matrix of Newton- Raphson load flow technique. The contingency ranking was done for single transmission line outage conditions with and without incorporating IPFC. Further, the ranking was done under system load […]

A Comparative Analysis on Smart Farming Techniques using Internet of Things (IoT)

Abstract Agriculture is considered as one of the major sources in maintaining a nation’s GDP. Most of the developing countries and under developed countries are relying on cultivation to improve their economic wealth. In this modern technology era, technology can play a tremendous role in the agriculture sector. The advanced technology has the capability to […]

Soft Computing Techniques and Applications in Electrical Drives Fuzzy logic, and Genetic Algorithm

Abstract Present days’ technology requires new innovations which are implemented by using soft computing methods. The particular schemes have brought industrial capabilities to new changes in applications. Controlling mode is a significant use of several industries to control the complicated structure specifications. Present day’s soft computing schemes are growing with good performance. These soft techniques […]

Predicting Job Burnout, Based on the Quality of Marital Relationship and Sexual Dysfunction in Tehran Firefighters

Abstract Introduction: Sexual dysfunction is a factor that is associated with job burnout. Sexual dysfunction can affect the quality of life of millions of men and their sexual partners and most of them prefer to suffer in silence. The aim of this study was to predict job burnout on the quality of the marital relationship […]

Determining Optimal Cell Density and Culture Medium Volume simultaneously in MTT Cell Proliferation Assay for Adherent Cancer Cell Lines

Abstract Introduction: The MTT assay without optimization of the factors affecting cell metabolism can lead to false reports of the tested drugs. In this study, cell density and cell culture medium volume were optimized in a 96-well plate for Hepa1-6 cells as an adherent cell line. Methods: Hepa1-6 cells were seeded in the two different […]

Impact of Brand Community in Social Networks on Customer Loyalty to Brand (Case Study: Customers of the Tejarat Bank)

Abstract In today’s challenging environments where businesses and firms are increasingly competing with each other, they cannot compete with outdated marketing philosophy in this environment. The emergence and expansion of communication technologies has made social networks one of the most important tools for effective participation in the field of competition. This advancement forces firms to […]

Design Concept and Model of Pedagogical System of University Teachers’ Training for Tutors Activities

Abstract The article is devoted to designing a model of pedagogical system of training University teachers for tutors activities (tutors – here: teachers in the distance learning system). Currently, few universities can offer much in the training of distance learning teachers /tutors. Insufficient number of tutors and /or their unsatisfactory readiness (professional, psychological, technical) seem […]

A Сomparative Study of JOURNEY Сognitive Metaphor in International English and Russian Advertising Discourse

Abstract The purpose of the article is to summarize the results of a comparative study of JOURNEY metaphors presented in the corpus of English- and Russian-language advertising slogans. The method of the research is lexical-semantic analysis of a corpus of advertising slogans combined with linguistic-cultural approach to the study of cognitive metaphors. We believe that […]

Problems Encountered in Adapting the Industrial Policy to the New Economic Realities

Abstract The purpose of the study is to analyze industrial policies that have been practiced in various parts of the world over the past several decades, as well as the principles and structural components (e.g. scope, agents, priority-oriented approaches, incentives and outcomes) of a multi-level industrial policy adapted to the new economic realities. The study […]