Abstract Today the design and development of computer assisted User Interface Image processing Systems have been very helpful in detecting and diagnosing the underlying diseases in the early stage. Out of many anomalous diseases, Brain Tumor Diagnosis and treatment has been a challenge to medical as well as to research community. If it is detected […]

Multilevel Embedding of multiple images with DWT, DCT and SVD

Abstract In this paper, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), discrete cosine Transform (DCT) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) based Image watermarking scheme. The idea of proposed method is multiple hidden images watermarking technique that means using two cover images and three watermark images. Initially the three watermark images are embedding into second cover image to get […]

An Epitomized Approach to Possess Promising Predictions by using Time-Series Analysis and Forecasting in R language

Abstract The aim of this work is to exertion a plug-in, formerly named as Time Series Analysis and Forecasting (TSAF) and incorporates this plug-in into R language. The intent behind materializing this plug-in is to establish a firstrated approach to forecast in-advance extrapolations in time series data and to make accurate decisions methodically. The plug-in […]

ONCTR: Optimum Number of Clusters and Transmission Range based Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract The field of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is striving for devising ways to minimize energy consumption. Clustering reduces energy consumption and increases scalability along with network lifetime. There is a need to identify appropriate number of clusters to balance traffic in network which is a challenging task for energy efficient WSN. Manually it is […]

Statistical Factor Analysis of Demand for Russian Higher Education Institutions with Foreign Students

Abstract Russian higher education is gaining new frontiers, becoming an increasingly strong competitor to European universities. For one year the number of students from Europe in Russian universities increased by 40%, reaching 2.5 thousand people in 2015-2016 academic year. Russian higher education institutions have entered a number of TOP ratings in recent years, and it […]

The Economic Model of Optimal Allocation of Financial Health Resources

Abstract The relevance of the analyzed issue is caused by the need to improve the efficiency of limited financial resources of the regional public health service for its development programs, the growth of quality and accessibility of medical services to the population. The purpose of the article is to develop the economic-mathematical model that can […]

Applying the n-Based Approach in Management Issues of the Commercial Bank’s Gains in Equity

Abstract The importance of the issue of forming the commercial bank’s equity is caused by the fact that the decision on gains in equity is based on the principle of calculation and analysis of the initial return on equity, and does not focus on methods for evaluating the prospective return on equity, taking into account […]

Formation of Sustainable Development Science: Situation, Problem, Method and Object

Abstract In this paper we wanted to substantiate the historical “request” of creating a sustainable development science. This situation is directly related to the problem of the relationship between culture and science. We have proven that the “metaphysical perception” of sustainable development is defined by the culture of international organizations. We affirm that research knowledge […]