Encryption Based on Neural Networks

Abstract Due to the active development of information technology, information is of great value to date. Any sphere of public life can be described by information, loss or modernization of which can lead to large losses. Thus, information becomes strategic resource of the state and business of all levels that are interested in its preservation. […]

System Design of Management of Energy Resources in the Field of Housing

Abstract The main areas of work connected with improvement of the sphere of housing are development of the regulating, managing configurations of the equipment, change parameters of real-time operation, remote data collection from metering devices, adjustment of volumes of the provided utilities. It will allow to improve monitoring of functioning of a data collection system […]

Comparative Characteristics of the Developed Electric Heat Exchanger Regulators to Obtain the Energy of Water-Ice Phase Transition

Abstract The authors have developed electric regulators: relay-pulse ones, with solid filler and electric heater, with solid filler and thermoelectric module, for a heat exchanger to obtain the energy of the water-ice phase transition. Experimental studies were carried out, the static and dynamic characteristics of electrical controllers were determined to determine the most fast-acting regulator. […]

Assessment of the Level of Development of Digital Technologies in the Banking Sector

Abstract The banking system is of paramount importance for a market economy, because thanks to banks, the function of an intermediary is performed, and financial resources are distributed among the business entities. A key element of the banking system is its infrastructure. Banking is recognized as a commercial activity, that is, aimed at obtaining a […]

The Use of Artificial Neural Networks to Solve the “Make or Buy” Problem

Abstract Currently, the use of sourcing models is a very popular and promising tool for restructuring large industrial enterprises and optimizing companies in the world, but the experience of both domestic and foreign enterprises shows that not all sourcing has a positive effect on business performance, in particular, each model sourcing has its advantages and […]

ICE Testing Process Decomposition

Abstract The solution of the problem of designing, developing and further using automated test systems (ATS) of internal combustion engines (ICE) involves, first of all, analyzing a number of important requirements for the development of technical, mathematical, software, information, linguistic and organizational-methodological support of an automated system. Currently, the need for widespread implementation and operation […]

Automated Modeling System for Internal Combustion Engines

Abstract The widespread use of internal combustion engines (ICE) requires continuous improvement of basic technical, economic and operational characteristics. Creating a competitive internal combustion engine involves the use of promising ways to improve the quality of control, the experimental development of the engine, the reduction of development time and the preparation of its serial production. […]

Forecasting of Changes in Service System during the Launch Period of the New Automobile Lineup

Abstract The purpose of the research is developing tools for forecasting changes in the service system during the period when new models of automotive vehicles are being introduced to the market. Research objectives: development of the structure and composition of decision support systems to improve the competitiveness of the service system, development of a mathematical […]

Simulation of the Service Center for Vehicles on Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Abstract The purpose of the research is developing tools for forecasting changes in the service system when expanding the fleet of gas-engine vehicles. Research objectives: consideration methods for reducing emissions of harmful substances in exhaust gases of motor vehicles, consideration the features of the organization of technological processes in the service system when launching vehicles […]