Abstract Production of microbial enzymes at the industrial scale and their commercialization has gained a lot of focus and importance. Use of Microbes as bioreactors was also started due to these developments. Some of the industrially important enzymes from microbial origin include Lipases, Amylases, proteases, Xylynases and Pectinases. The current work involved the use of […]

Gene Analysis and Docking for GCGR Gene involved in Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM)

Abstract Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism characterized by impaired ability of the body to produce or respond to insulin and thereby maintain proper levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood Long since the disease was studied Insulin has gained lot of importance in the disease occurrence and treatment. However there are several […]

Anti-Müllerian hormone is a predictive biomarker for ovarian reserve in young women with ovarian failure – A preliminary study from Southern India

Abstract The aim of the present study is to investigate whether the low circulating systemic Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) can be a biomarker to diagnose Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) and used as a prognostic tool to predict POF in southern Indian women. A case-control study conducted in 150 subjects by enrolling 75 POF patients and 75 […]

Isolation and Amplification of P53 Gene from Cancer Blood sample and Designing a Potential Drug

Abstract Cancer being one of the dreadful diseases with no perfect treatment till date is laying a platform for the continuous research. Molecular methodologies for the diagnosis and analysis are gaining rapid importance and accuracy. The current work aimed to Collect the cancer blood samples followed by the extraction and purification of the DNA. The […]

Breast Tumor Regression using Mistletoe Extract: An evidence from an Indian Clinic

Abstract Mistletoe extract use in cancer patients is widely increasing with the upsurge of cancer incidence rates and reduction in survival time of patients. This study was designed to assess the tumor regression in breast cancer patients with the mistletoe extract. Subjects were designated from outpatient clinic at Rishikesh Hospital, Nashik, INDIA. After giving written […]

A New Digenean Trematode of Genus Orientocreadium Tubangui, 1931 Parasitizing Fresh Water Fishes of Uttar Pradesh (India)

Abstract The present investigation is the study on helminth fauna from economically important edible food fishes of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The various species of digenetic helminth parasites recovered from river Gomti. Some species identified were older with known information and few are newly identified for Science stream. The current paper involves the detailed description and […]

Gene Sequencing and SNP Analysis of rs334 of Beta Hemoglobin involved in Sickle Cell Anemia

Abstract Sickle Cell Anemia is one of those diseases for which cure or treatment for complete eradication is not available till date. The patients with the disease suffer prom a peculiar shape of the RBC. The complication mostly  involved  are,  breathing  difficulties,  Joint pains,       arthritis, bone infarctions and severe infections. In order to develop a […]

Bioelectricity production by Trichoderma viride using corn husk, corn cob residue and banana peel as substrates

Abstract Microbial  fuel  cell  is  a  recent  alternative  for  the generation   of   electricity.   These   cells   (MFC’s) operate on the basis of microbial metabolism and produce current from a variety of organic substrates. In this study electricity generation with corn husk, corn cob residue and banana peel by the fungus Trichoderma  viride  has  been  undertaken.  It […]