Employee Engagement in CSR: Paving Way to Individual Social Responsibility-A Case Study of Persistent Systems Ltd

Abstract Employee engagement has been one of the most successful tools by HR to maintain work life balance, job satisfaction, and job retention. While a lot of initiatives have been taken with respect to employee’s area of interest, a new way has been introduced in the field of CSR wherein it’s not just limited to […]

Prosocial Organizational Behaviour

Abstract Prosocial organizational behaviour has been outstretched by numerous researchers over a past few decades. In recent years, there has been a cumulative gratitude of the status of such behaviour at work place and has important implications in the organizations. Prosocial organizational behaviour is considered as one of the most crucial assets for the organisation […]

Employee Satisfaction Survey at a Super-Specialty Hospital in Nagpur

Abstract Employee satisfaction is a very effective tool that measures and maintains a positive culture within the organization. Measuring employee satisfaction is critical because unhappy employees are less likely to satisfy their clients and do work properly. It helps with various other factors like increase in productivity, retaining employees thereby saving the costs and time, […]

Employee Engagement at Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Explosives

Abstract In recent times, Employee Engagement at work place has gained significant importance. It is said that employee engagement helps an organization to achieve all the desirable outcomes such as employee productivity, less employee turnover, less absenteeism and high profits (Wagner & Harter, 2006). Engaged employees tend to show enthusiasm, and high involvement at workplace. […]

Development Perspectives of Labourers in Unorganized Sector of Urban India – An Empirical Study

Abstract India witnessed reasonably high economic growth over the last decade, but a large part of the population, particularly unorganized sector is continued to suffer economic exclusions even today in the era of globalization. Nagpur city in India in the recent years has gained an identity as a fast growing city. Resultantly, the increase in […]

Employee Satisfaction Survey At Loksuvidha Pvt.Ltd

Abstract The purpose of the present exploratory research is to study the Employee Satisfaction at Loksuvidha Pvt.Ltd. Loksuvidha Pvt.Ltd is a two-wheeler financing firm operating in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh &Chattisgarh with 200+ employees working for them. The Loksuvidha Pvt.Ltd focuses on Middle Class and poor population of India who face problem in acquiring loans thus […]

An Empirical Study to Understand HR Practices Implemented by Small and Medium Enterprises at Central India

Abstract The purpose of this study is to understand the Human Resource (HR) practices implemented by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). SMEs play a very important role in contributing towards Indian economy. After agricultural sector SMEs in India is the second largest sector in providing employment. This sector has employed almost 60 million people in […]