Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Classifiers for Fault Type Classification in Multi-Bus Power Systems

Abstract In the past decade, multiple attempts have been made to classify faults on transmission lines using mathematical transformations and machine learning algorithms. The available literature primarily contains analysis of simple single line systems. This paper summarises the performance analysis of machine learning classification models on more complex power system models. Two different power system […]

Transmission Line Fault Analysis Using Artificial Neural Network

Abstract Work presented in this paper elaborates use of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for detection, classification and location of faults in an interconnected power system. Transmission lines chunks of power to the required loads; it is an essential link between consumers and power stations. Hence transmission lines protection has become critical. A different fault classification […]

An Indigenously Developed Gate Driver Circuit for Three-Phase Smart Inverter Operated with Internet of Things

Abstract In this paper, an attempt is made to introduce an indigenously made three-phase inverter feeding power to the three-phase induction motor. The developed three-phase inverter could be operated and controlled either manually using speed settings or by remotely using the Internet of Things (IoT). The proposed drive consists of three-phase inverter made of IGBTs […]

Comparison of Dynamic Performance of Solar PV fed BLDC Motor Drive with P&O and I.C. – MPPT Algorithm

Abstract In this paper, the dynamic performance of BLDC motor fed with SPV array using MPPT algorithm such as Perturb & Observe and Incremental Conductance methods are analysed. The PV array is subjected to varying conditions of temperature and irradiance during its working. The output of SPV array is fed to BLDC motor through DC-DC […]

Advances in Development of MOEMS Devices: A Review

Abstract Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MOEMS) are the combination of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) merged with Micro-optics. The precision workings of MEMS, its optical functionality, and fabrication techniques make possible a broad variety of movable and tunable mirrors, filters, and other optical structures. Microoptics has new features that are widely used in many applications than the classical optics. […]

Investigating Optimal Location of DSSC to Minimize Reactive Power Generation

Abstract Power flow control using Distributed-FACTS provides a reliable substitute to power flow control using lumped FACTS controllers which employs high rated power electronics devices. Lumped FACTS controllers becomes very costly and reliability is also less. DSSC advantage is that it provides power flow control in cost effective and more reliable way. Distributed Static Series […]