Exact and Approximate Repeats in DNA Sequences using Suffix Array and Divide & Conquer

Abstract Microsatellites or Simple Sequence Repeats are short motifs, for the most part 2-8 base pairs long that are repeated numerous times in genomic DNA. Here, motifs are short, repeating patterns in DNA that have an organic capacity. These SSRs are responsible for sequence-binding locations for proteins like Transcription factor. Such groupings are extremely normal […]

Miniature Ecological System for the Treatment of Hussain Sagar Waste Water with Associated Power Generation

Abstract Extensive development of science and technology in this scientific era has made the human life much easier and comfortable. However a simultaneous increase in the pollution due to the dumping of industrial effluents, Plastic utilities, Computer hardware etc has become one of the threatening problems in the present day. It’s the time for the […]

The Compliance Rate Of The Family Planning Counseling With The National Standards In Public Health Centers In Ahvaz, Iran 2015

Abstract Background: Good quality of care in family planning counseling services help individuals and couples to meet their reproductive health needs safely and effectively. Therefore, assessment and improvement of the quality of family planning counseling services could enhance family planning services utilization. Objective: This study was conducted to assess the compliance rate of the family […]

Developed a Mathematical Model for Solving the Two-Objective Dynamic Facility Layout Problem with Budget Constraints and Optimal Allocation of Buffer Size

Abstract Optimal facility layout is of the factors that can affect the efficiency of any organization and annually millions of dollars costs are created for it or profits are saved. Studies done in the field of facility layout can be classified into two general categories: Facility layout issues in static position and facility layout issues […]

The Investigation of Training on the Job Satisfaction of Employees of National Company Telecommunications of South Oil Places in Ahwaz

Abstract Access to organization purposes depends on staff ability in fulfilling duties and adapting with changeable environment. Applying education and optimizing manpower cause them to continue their activities proportional to organizational changes and environment and increase their productivity. In addition, the most important characteristic of today’s organizations is alternation. We would be sacrificed in such […]

Effectiveness of Group Reality Therapy in Reducing Anxiety of Clients in Hamedan Central Prison

Abstract The present research studies the effectiveness of group reality therapy in reducing the anxiety of clients in Hamedan Central Prison. This is a quasi-experimental research with pretest-posttest design and a control group. To this end, the subjects are selected using multistage random sampling method. Of the total studied population, 30 individuals have been randomly […]

Forecasting New Product Potential Market

Abstract New-product plansneed dynamic processes to forecast market behavior during product life time. Thispaper intent to present an innovated model to predictnew product potential market by renewed method. Accordingly, the model parameters organized by product attribute values and developed by analogical insight based on the adoption patterns through Bass modelover product life time.The findings highlighted […]

Engineering Ethics with Emphasis on Ethical Identity

Abstract Need to ethics and adhere, is necessity and undeniable, in any profession. Also to solve problems and moral nodes, need to correct and desired understanding of ethics. Engineering as a profession should be subject to the rules and ethical standards, because the development of professional ethical principles is utmost importance in relationship with others. […]