A Survey on Machine Learning Techniques for Insurance Fraud Prediction

Abstract The fraudulent activities are increasing day by day with increase in technology in insurance sector. These fraud cases make shoddy impact on socio-economical system. This paper presents a detail survey of machine learning techniques used in insurance fraud prediction. This paper has disclosed traditional machine learning techniques like supervised and unsupervised learning and also […]

Bird Identification by Image Recognition

Abstract Bird watching is an art of observing, studying and researching on birds. People who pursue bird watching as a hobby or passion can be termed as bird-watchers and others involved in scientific study and research on birds are termed as ornithologists. All ornithologists are bird-watchers but not all bird-watchers are ornithologists. Accurate bird-identification is […]

Recent Development in Applications of Optical MEMS: A Review

Abstract Recent development of optical MEMS emphasis on application in the field of telecommunications, various sensors and micro mirror devices are few examples. Different optical devices and systems reported and explained the major difficulties in its development as well as performance. Advantages of optical MEMS are miniaturization, integration and mass production which create lot of […]

Analytical Study for Development of Fuel Adulteration Detection System

Abstract Adulteration in various consumable items and fuel has subsequently increased health hazards and illegal monetary gains associated with it. A real time solution with vendors and consumers has therefore become the need of the hour. The probable carcinogenic, teratogenic, and mutagenic effects of adulteration as well as their wide existence in consumables; rapid, high-throughput […]

Participative Management as the Key Motivation Factor for Employees & Workers in the Organization

Abstract Participative management is used to enhance work practices, profitability and authoritative execution. Participative management is a key strategy in the contemporary management and global demands. Numerous studies have reported that the participative style of management improves both performance and increases the job satisfaction of the employees. It also is seen that it increases the […]

The Organizational Role Stress among the Doctors of Government and Private Medical College in Nagpur

Abstract The organizational stress is said to be the cause of all those factors in the organization that causes stress to an individual employee and have negative organizational ill effects. Findings of the present study revealed that Health care Professionals are suffering from organizational role stress. The mean value 65.83 for total ORS private is […]