Pick and Place Automation Machine Using PLC and Ladder Programming

Author Name(s): Shubham Anjankar, Dr. Parag Jawarkar, Lokesh Heda, 4Vidya Dahake
Author Email: anjankarsc1@rknec.edu


This paper aims at studying the development of a pick and place machine using PLC (programmable logic control). Originally, the tedious task of picking and placing the components of a product involved immense human labour. But nowadays industries are aiming at minimizing the human efforts by using automated optimized machines. These machines are all- in-one, multi-headed and multi-gantry. The pick and place automated machine when put into action directly places the product onto the next stage of production line. The software involves ladder logic programming and hardware involves pneumatic system, limit switches etc. Which would be further discussed in the paper. More productivity being the need of the hour, this machine considerably increases the speed of operation and significantly decreases human efforts.

Keywords PLC, Ladder Logic , Vacuum Grippers, Sensor


This paper discusses the working of Pick and Place Machine in the production line of a furniture industry. This machine is used to pick up panels using vacuum cup system from certain stacks and place it in a position where it is used for further processing [1].This was previously being done by human operators and to overcome the tedious and monotonous task of picking and placing the components of a product which involves immense human labour using automated optimized machines was a solution, which increases the production and reduces human effort. Workers invest a huge amount of time in manually picking and placing products for the next stage of operation which can be utilized for other relevant operations. This propelled and motivated to design a mechanism that could eliminate these drawbacks [3, 4]. Presently, this machine is part of an industrially automated production line. Once this machine is put into action the machine will directly place panels onto the next stage of operation. This machine will considerably increase speed of operation. Thereby, making production more efficient leading to increasing profits to the industry [9]. PLC programming is used for the operation of this machine.


The wooden planks can be gripped and placed at the required stack within given specified time. The PLC has been programmed correctly and is successfully interfaced and operated for automation of the pick and place machine. The use of human labour to pick up panels has been eliminated, increasing the speed of operation efficiently

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