Data Dissemination Protocols for Reprogramming Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

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The wireless sensor network (WSN) is made up of a huge number of programmed sensor nodes spatially scattered to monitor and control environmental conditions. Reprogramming is crucial to upgrade the changes needed and to repair the bugs found in nodes once it is deployed in a hostile situation. Once sensor nodes are deployed then it is not possible to reprogram such nodes manually. Therefore, the sensor nodes are reprogrammed automatically and remotely lacking manual interference. At present several data dissemination protocols have been designed and play important role in dissemination of configuration parameters, program code, queries, commands, bulk data or code packets etc. This paper presents a survey of existing data dissemination protocols employed for reprogramming WSNs and discusses research related issues which provides a broad vision for future research in WSNs domain.

Keywords Data Dissemination, Nodes, Protocols, Reprogramming, Wireless Sensor Networks


The applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) day by day increases, there is also rise in population of nodes and the requirement to be able to succeed them remotely becomes more efficient [1]. Such systems must regularly function unattended for longer periods of time which leads necessity for reprogramming the sensor nodes, whereas maintenance and updating of code are required for improving security along with adjustments to the situation once deployed. In evolving WSNs which contain hundreds or even thousands of nodes, one-by-one reprogramming them necessitates both physical admittance to every node and contains an enormously time-taking practice, hampering any real-time reprogramming lacking human attention. The facility to enhance latest functionality or make software maintenance deprived to physically arrive at every node is already a vital service.



Wireless Sensor Networks is an open and wide domain for doing research in networking, which is gradually being installed for monitoring and controlling applications. This demands the requirement for spreading data and code efficiently via wireless links to sensor nodes to reprogram them to fulfil the present desires of the application. This is accomplished by proper employing data dissemination protocols. In this paper, a brief survey work is done on the existing data dissemination protocols for reprogramming WSNs and their research related issues were discussed. These protocols have a common goal of trustworthy data dissemination for reprogramming WSNs. This gives a broad vision for doing future research in WSNs domain

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