DNA Sequence Compression using ERGC and NRGC for Better Compression

Abstract Current improvements in computing technology makes it possible and very easy to build genomic sequences from the billions of reads within a minimal cost and time. In this article, we are proposing an algorithm which is analyzing two compression algorithms Efficient Referential Genome Compression algorithm and Novel Referential Genomic Compression algorithm. Both are effective […]

DNA Sequence Decompression Using Bitmap Matrix & Wavelet Transformation in Image Processing

Abstract Genomic science is currently encountering an unstable increment of information and quick improvement of sequencing innovation. Till date, various calculations have been created for compacting genomic groupings. The vast majority of which regard genomes as one-dimensional content strings and pack them in view of word references or likelihood models. Some Compression calculations can’t pack […]

Mutation Hotspot Prediction, Structural Analysis & Stability Changes of Prion Protein Involved in Causing CJD

Abstract Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a rare, degenerative, invariably fatal brain disorder. It affects about one person in every one million people per year worldwide. Creutfeldt-jakob disease is the most frequently seen type of prion diseases. The study on the role of prion protein and its involvement in the occurrence of prion protein is the point to […]

Docking Studies of Serine Protease Inhibitor with Various SPI Activators to Treat COPD

Abstract The SERPINA1 gene provides instructions for making a protein called alpha-1 antitrypsin, which is a type of serine protease inhibitor (serpin). Alpha-1 antitrypsin protects the lungs from neutrophil elastase, which can damage lung tissue if not properly controlled. The current work involves the complete annotation of SERPINA1 followed by analysing its role in COPD […]

Insilico & Insitu Analysis of Drought Resistant DREB and LEA Genes Isolated from Different Varieties of Rice

Abstract Rapid growth in human population through the world is boosting demand for corresponding increase in grain yield and there is a need to increase production 50% more by 2025.Classical approaches for plant improvement including Plant breeding have been greatly supported by novel techniques of genome sequencing, gene tagging, gene cloning, bioinformatics etc., The present […]

Simulation of Chemical Substances Leakage Accident Consequence in the surroundings of Reservoirs by Using PHAST and ALOHA Consequence Modeling Software

Abstract In our country, in spite of the risks of exposure to chemicals, generally, there is not a planned program to respond to emergency situations due to the nature of the material and relevant risks, the risk level and scope of their expansion in a way that they be most effective in the shortest possible […]

Feasibility Study of Reducing the Level of Environmental Risks Caused by the Wastes Produced in MIDREX Steel Direct Reduction Plants

Abstract In recent year, developments have been associated with increased population, different economic developments, improvement in human life and technology has led to a new phase of destruction of nature and environment, especially in the field of waste. Obligating industries to implement waste management program and to plan to dispose the waste correctly, is necessary […]

The Effect of Gender on Commitment of Crime in the Iran law

Abstract Discussion on issues of crime and punishment, though, is a general issue and overall can be studied from criminology perspective, in most societies factors such as gender, patterns of committing offense, the commission of specific crimes among women and men and how to deal with their crimes have affected the criminal authorities wants separate […]