Workplace Incivility: The Slow Death of Organizational Efficiency

Abstract This study is an effort to identify various factors which contribute to workplace incivility and the identification of after effects of incivility at workplace through extensive literature review. Workplace incivility represents aberrant behaviors demonstrated either by superiors, co-workers and customers. These behaviors are of low intensity in comparison to workplace bullying and has ambiguous […]

Causes and Effect of Job Stress and Coping on Performance and Psychological Well-being among the Agricultural Research Sector Employees: An Empirical Study Using Multinomial Logistic Regression Approach

Abstract This manuscript reports the results of our study to assess the influence of stress due to job, strategies adopted for coping the stress, their association, and effect on performance and psychological well-being of agricultural research sector (ARS) employees. A survey of 700 staff working in the ARS in Hyderabad Metro, consisting of 360 women […]

Attitude of Loan Officers in Affordable Housing Finance Companies towards Low-Income Customers in Central India

Abstract The access to finance for the low-income households is severely constrained by the operational and institutional factors of mainstream finance institutions such as banks and large housing finance companies (HFCs) in India. These factors have greater effect on the access of unbanked population to housing finance as it includes large amount of money for […]