Abstract The problem of physical object neural control with parametric uncertain is considered. The architecture to organizations of the technological process through parallel interaction of technological modules (agents) similar one-layer neural-fuzzy control is offered. On based of the Lyapunov’s direct research method of absolute stability and speed gradient method both a nonlinear algorithm of the […]

NDLB: Nearest Dispatcher Load Balancing approach for Web Server Cluster

Abstract With the growing popularity of web based applications, the primary and consistent resource in the infrastructure of World Wide Web are web server clusters. Overtly in dynamic contents and database driven applications, especially at heavy load circumstances, the performance handling of clusters is a solemn task. A novel distributed web server system NDLB (Nearest […]


Abstract This work will focus on performance comparison between two methods for combating the effects of PAPR: i.e. Selective Mapping (SLM) and Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS) method. These two methods are compared in terms of bandwidth efficiency and computation complexity with BER and PAPR reduction performance. This paper also describes the analysis and simulation of […]

Candidate Genes and Clinical-Laboratory Indices in Pregnant Women Depending on the Development of Preeclampsia

Abstract Objectives: The relationship between polymorphic variants of folate metabolism genes with clinical (blood pressure level before and at the end of pregnancy) and clinical and laboratory indicators (proteinuria, fibrinogen, total protein, urea and creatinine in the blood, activated partial thromboplastin time, thrombin time) were studied in pregnant women with preeclampsia. Materials and Methods: The […]

Reflection of Emotions in the Phraseology of the Tatar Language

Abstract In the contemporary Tatar linguistics, a great interest is shown to consideration of the language as a unique cultural code of certain linguistic-cultural communities. Application of phraseological collocations that have an immediate lexical equivalent in the language in the Tatar poetry may be contextually distributed with the same adverb as their lexical equivalents. It […]

The Active Immunity of the Person in Conditions of Anthropogenic Impact

Abstract The paper presents the results of the assessment of the military’s immune system functioning subject to age and distribution by contingent using spontaneous and stimulated NBT-test. The primary study was conducted with distribution by contingent. A spontaneous NBT-test showed that the neutrophil count in blood was higher than normal in 72.1% of the soldiers, […]

Comparative Characteristic of Cases of Microbacteriosis and Tuberculosis among HIV-Infected Patients

Abstract Diagnosis of mycobacteriosis and differential diagnosis of tuberculosis is an urgent problem, which solution will allow starting treatment correctly in time, especially among people with immunodeficiency, incl. HIV/AIDS. From 2007 to 2016, the incidence of HIV infection, tuberculosis and HIV-associated tuberculosis in the Republic of Mari El (RME) was analyzed. The increase in the […]

The Secondary Equipment Market in the Positive Economic Development of the Agricultural Sector

Abstract Technical support to and technological modernization of agriculture is an important direction in the development of agricultural production. At present, there is a tendency in agriculture to the obsolescence and break down of equipment. Partly, the acquisition of high-performance equipment and the introduction of resource-saving technologies, the use of combined soil cultivating and sowing […]