Helix is Open Access journal of BDRC Press. It publishes academic articles, research and books, reviews and informative essays. Its main aim is to foster research and to make quality information available to a broader public of readers and Internet users. Special attention is devoted to cutting edge and disruptive Applied Technological Research related to culture, various art forms, Technology management, Engineering Applications, Humanitarian technologies and biomedical applications.

Contributions in Helix are welcome, journal secures:

  • open access to contribution
  • peer-review by international experts
  • wide dissemination of published contributions both in the national and international area, with the help of specific tools.


Biological Sciences: BioTechnology, Biochemistry, DNA Forensics, Bioinformatics, Technology Management, Life Sciences, Forensic Science

Engineering Sciences: Computer Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronics and Electrical engineering

Technology Management : Information Technology, Technology Entrepreneurship, Technology Management

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