Characteristics of Vapor-Compression Cooling System on Multicomponent Working Medium

Abstract The article presents the structural diagram of the static mathematical model for vapor compression cooling system (VC CS), which is the sequence of units with known transfer functions of thermal processes and the static mathematical model that allows to calculate the static characteristics of the considered CS in the form of cooling capacity dependence […]

Information Infrastructure of Safe Computer Attack

Abstract The article substantiates the need for introducing into the international scientific circulation the author’s definition of the legal and psychological phenomenon of “safe computer attack”, which is proposed to understand the state of the subjects of information legal relations that are aware of the danger of violation and the importance of ensuring the security […]

Asphalten-Resin-Paraffin Deposits (ARPD) and Its Impact on Oil and Gas Production

Abstract This article discusses the implementation of a comprehensive program for the technical re-equipment of oil and gas production. The methods of combating the formation of ARPD in wells, intensive introduction of new equipment and technology, automation tools and automated production control systems into production were analyzed and reviewed. Based on the analysis, it was […]

Development of Software and Hardware Complex based on Theoretical Modeling and Experimental Study of Linearly Extended Energy Facilities on their Technical Condition

Abstract One of the key areas of development of the Russian economy is to increase energy efficiency, according to the Energy Strategy of Russia for the period until 2030. Our country has a huge potential for energy conservation, and its implementation will significantly reduce the energy intensity of the country’s GDP without increasing energy capacity, […]

Neural Network Architecture Development for Time Series Forecasting

Abstract The paper reveals the results of studies on the development of neural network architecture for time series forecasting. Three types of neural networks were investigated: radial network, convolutional network, and multilayer perceptron. The main objective of this study is to identify, based on a comparative analysis, the architecture of a neural network, which is […]

Application of Spectral Clustering Methods in Pipeline Systems Graph Models

Abstract Among the many tasks on graphs, studies related to partitioning an initial graph into a predetermined number of connected disjoint components have found wide practical application – graph clustering, for example, is used in computer networks, transport, pattern recognition, and in many other areas. The decomposition methods of graph structures make a significant contribution […]

Technical Quality Analysis of Trunk Pipeline

Abstract The current level of technology development concerning technical, informational and organizational services in the field of the linear part of trunk pipeline technical condition diagnostics has significantly increased the control reliability and productivity [1]. Thus, tens of thousands of defects, including those of an operational nature, are detected annually only via in-line inspection. Since […]