Regularization of Inverse Signal Recovery Problems

Abstract The compensation for the distortions that occur during their registration is called the recovery of signals. The main problem studied in the literature review of this paper is the instability of the calculated estimations of input actions regarding the effects of feedback registration errors. Therefore, various techniques have been developed for regularizing the original […]

Study of the Lighting Conditions Created by the Second Generation Led Light Sources

Abstract The paper is devoted to the study of the lighting conditions created by the second-generation LED light sources. It has been established experimentally that illumination created by second-generation LEDs does not cause negative effects on human organs of vision and body as a whole. It is shown that changes in the functional parameters of […]

Study and Analysis of Dynamic Pricing in India and Proposing for Residential Consumers in Maharashtra

Abstract Dynamic pricing is the most important tool in demand side management, that can offer variety of prices at various demand levels. This paper presents the existing electricity tariff structures around the globe with its risk and rewards. Also presents the analysis of availability of Time-of-Day (ToD) structure in different states of India like Maharashtra, […]

A Novel Priority Based Hadoop Energy Efficient Job Scheduling and Migration Technique with Multi Level Queue on YARN Scheduler

Abstract The process or the framework for MapReduce works in two parts as Mapper and Reducer. The reducer algorithm analyzes the input from the tasks characteristics and generate recommendations for the applicable allocation of the work and the mapper algorithm analyses the perfect or the best fit for the task or the programming running on […]

Systematic Performance Analysis of Bit-Torrent Traffic

Abstract The eruption of the World Wide Web as a medium for information dissemination, movies, music and entertainment, has made it extremely important to understand the characteristics of its traffic. Bit-Torrent (BT), communication protocol for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, continues to still remain a dominant source of upstream traffic worldwide. This wide spread popularity of […]

Low Pressure Amalgam Bactericidal Lamps

Abstract This paper describes low pressure amalgam bactericidal lamps for disinfection purposes. The thermal regime of the lamp system – coating – disinfectant liquid is analyzed. Based on the solution of the heat balance equations, the temperature of the cold zone of the radiation source is estimated, which provides the basis for choosing either a […]

Role of Cognitive Radio in 5G

Abstract There is an ever growing need for improved data transfer over the smart network device which exists. 5G is a futuristic technology which tries to achieve high data rates with reduced latency through wireless worldwide interconnections. There are many limitations related to the implementation of 5G technology. Cognitive Radio is a smart radio which […]