Molecular Investigation of Biological Samples for Human Identification

Abstract The remarkable advances in DNA technologies over the past two decades had an enormous impact on human identification, medical diagnosis, population genetics, and crime scene investigation. Currently, DNA can be used very specifically to discriminate between individuals, using a wide variety of techniques. Depending on the amount of sample and the level of degradation, […]

Effect of Rhizodyne on growth patterns of local cultivars of Paddy (oryza sativa L.) using paper towel and pot culture assay methods

Abstract In the current Study pot assay has been employed to investigate the effect of commercial biofertilizer (Rhizodyne – complex bio fertilizer) application on 4 rice local cultivars (oryza sativa L.) growth both shoots and roots in local lake soil. Rhizodyne is a product of Varsha Biosciences and Technology (VBTIPL), Hyderabad (India) that contains species […]

Contextualizing Alternative Energy Usage *Modhurika

Abstract “The world has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed”. – M.K Gandhi With the concern of global warming increasing with every passing day, ‘alternative fuels’ is an area, which is the most explored in recent times. Governments throughout the world are seeking alternative technologies to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel […]

In-Silico Drug Design through Protein-Ligand Interaction Studies of Snake Venom Peptides

Abstract Toxins have evolved in plants, animals and microbes multiple times as part of defensive and/or prey capture strategies. Peptide toxins are usually found in animal venom. Most venom comprises a highly complex mixture of peptides, often with diverse and selective pharmacology. The source of peptide is specifically snake venom which is usually neurotoxins. We […]

Conservation of Curcuma caesia by in vitro techniques

Abstract This study was conducted to develop an efficient protocol for mass propagation of Curcuma caesia L. Explants from underground rhizomes were cultured on Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium and it is a slow propagating species. Multiplication and callus induction starting from the rhizome buds and shoot tips of Curcuma caesia in MS medium supplemented […]

Isolation and characterization of an extracellular lipase producing Bacillus Corynebacterium sp. from petroleum contaminated soils

Abstract The use of microorganisms as bioreactors has been the trend of the year. Lipase which is one of the most commonly used enzyme in food and textile industry is of high demand. The current work aims to use microbes as bioreactors to produce the required enzyme lipase in laboratory conditions. The organisms used for […]

Comparative Analysis of Some Algal Ferritins Belonging To Chlorophyta and Rhodophyta

Abstract Ferritin is the most important protein involved in the Iron metabolism and storage. Iron is an extremely important element whose function is involved in the oxygen transport and it participates in the electron transfer reactions and various redox potential reactions. Ferritin, the globular cytoplasmic protein is highly conserved and is involved in the regulation […]