Multi-Cloud Based Secured Storage System

Abstract Present days’ cloud computing has become successful computer paradigm because of “pay-as-you-go” model. Various solutions were proposed for handling cloud vulnerabilities and threats but most of which concentrate on single cloud environment which faces many problems like malevolent system administrator, service failure, loss of data integrity and data intrusion problem which can be reduced […]

k-mer Profiling for Bacterial Identification

Abstract In this paper, the bacterial identification is done using k-mer profiling. The idea is to create a kmer histogram using R programming and map the occurrences of kmers occurring in common within the same bacteria genera of different species and their respective strains. 5-mer is used in this study for proving the hypothesis. The […]

Machine Learning Based Autonomous Road Maintenance System Using Cold Lay Asphalt

Abstract Road maintenance is quotidian problem faced by the concerned authorities as it requires time, resources and labor and if not treated with utmost alacrity, may result in mishaps and accidents. The following paper suggests an innovative approach that can reduce the time and labor requirement by incorporating concepts of image processing and machine learning […]

Classification of Motorcyclists without Helmet via Daubechies Wavelet Transform and SVM

Abstract Nowadays, motorcycle accidents is on high rise and the main cause is traumatic brain injuries. Which suffers because most of the motorcyclists do not use helmet. In this paper we proposed a frame work for automatic detection of motorcyclists without helmet on public roads using surveillance videos. The frame work uses (SVM) support vector […]

Development of a Data Mining Driven Forecasting Software Tool for Quality Function Deployment

Abstract Recently, solicitation of Quality Function Deployment (QFD) has been extensively emerged in the product development market. Customer Requirements (CRs) and Design Requirements (DRs) are the two chief entity of the QFD process. However, variegation of marketplace directly influence CRs and DRs in making them more varying; that prompts the need of forecasting in QFD […]