Reliability Index for Twitter – Twitter Handles’ Credibility Assessment

Abstract Social networks have attained a vital place in everyone’s lives by emerging as the accustomed means for social interaction among people as well as the primary medium for dissemination of information. Accordingly, these platforms also bear the responsibility of such information being reliable and authentic. In order to endorse such information, the social networks […]

Novel Healthcare Fraud Detection Approach to Identify Aberrant Medical Practitioners

Abstract The Healthcare industry has been expanding enormously. Simultaneously, fraud in the healthcare industry is becoming a critical problem. One of the serious issues is the misuse of healthcare insurance systems. The misuse and fraud in the healthcare insurance systems significantly raise the costs of healthcare services for the providers and patients. One of the […]

A Hybrid Approach for Detection and Removal of Raindrops Using k-means Clustering and Hough Transformation

Abstract The vision system hired various tasks such as steering; information gathering can be unfavorably exaggerated by ruthless climate conditions such as rain, haze. Rainy weather condition raindrops twig to a frame glass can substantially abolish the scene visibility. Spotting and eliminating rain drops assist many computer visualization bids. To address this problem we introduced […]

Object Detection and Distance Estimation of a Mobile Robot with Stereo Vision

Abstract In day to day life, the studies on robotics are increasing very rapidly. Especially, for obstacle detection and estimating distance in dynamic and static environments. Therefore, researchers contribute more of their interest towards robotics as well as artificial intelligence. Hence, this paper mainly focused on detecting object and how we are estimating distance of […]

Auto Identification of Drones/UAVs Using Concept of RF Interfacing and Compact Surveillance Radar Mechanism through Neural Networks and Computer Vision

Abstract According to the defense point of view, it is necessary that every single care must be taken in order to secure the country from enemies, whether the mode of attack is air, water or land. In this modern era of technology, drones are being developed as they are promising high tech security from every […]