NPHS2 Functional Variant (R229Q) in Primary Nephrotic Syndrome: A Study from South India

Abstract Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) comprises of Heavy Proteinuria, Hypo Albuminemia, Edema and Hyperlipidemia.  The worldwide prevalence of NS was reported to be 12-16 per 100,000 individuals; epidemiological evidence of a higher incidence of NS in children from South Asia. The present study focuses on the contribution of a common functional polymorphism R229Q (rs61747728) of NPHS2 […]

Insilico Vaccine Design against Zaire Ebolavirus

Abstract The best approach for the development of a vaccine against a specific infection or a microbial disease is Insilico vaccine designing that is not only accurate but also requires minimum time, labour and economy. This approach can also be used to analyze the target structures for possible binding/active sites, generate candidate molecules, check for […]