Effects of Internet Addiction on Work Place Productivity: With Special Reference to Alacrity in Nagpur

Abstract Addiction is defined as a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance and well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. With the onset of the internet and the subsequent widespread ease of access to it, the average human life has been deeply impacted and affected by it. This is evident and […]

A Study of Digitalization in HRM and its Effectiveness in Execution of HR Strategies and Policies

Abstract This research paper is to investigate the emerging trends of human resource management with reference to digitalization in HRM. The paper will discuss the evolution of digitalization in HRM over a period of time and its contemporary application in execution of HRM strategies and policies. One of the foremost areas the HR should focus […]

Skill Gap Assessment at RCCPL Private Limited, Butibori, Nagpur

Abstract Organization continually search for ways to improve their training programs. Skill gap assessment is a significant management tool that measures the difference between the existing skills and the required skills in an employee. It determines what training needs exist and thus helps in designing appropriate and effective training programs. It is important for the […]

Understanding Leadership Style: A Comparative Study of Women Entrepreneurs Vs Working Women

Abstract Research suggests that women handle emotions and relationships in a unique way. The rising proportion of women in the recent era is increasing and has been a major contribution to the nation’s economy. Still, the question arises is women possess different leadership style? With the recent innovation hub, the creative world and advances in […]

The Impact of Human Resource Practices on Employees’ Intention to Stay and Organisational Commitment in the IT Firms

Abstract The growing body of knowledge is supporting the impact of human resource (HR) practices on employees’ intention to stay and organizational commitment. The purpose of the study is to contribute in the existing knowledge by analysing the HR practices of the IT sector. The existing literature is reviewed in the light of this topic […]

Impact Assessment of CSR initiatives implemented by Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. (Subsidiary of Reliance Power), Nagpur

Abstract The paper deals with CSR initiatives at Reliance Power Ltd. It describes the initiatives taken and development resulting from such initiatives. The spectrum of CSR includes a number of areas as human rights, safety at work, consumer protection, climate protection and caring for the environment, and sustainable management of natural resources, medical benefits to […]

Perceptions of Software Employees towards HRD Roles and Functions

Abstract In order to meet the human capital needs of the organizations, human resource management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD) often work hand-in-hand [1]. Human resource departments are an integral part of any organization. These departments perform various functions such as recruitment, engagement, performance management, organizational development, training, change management, and diversity. While the […]