Impact Assessment of CSR initiatives implemented by Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. (Subsidiary of Reliance Power), Nagpur

Author Name(s): Dr. Kanak Wadhwani, Mr. Sarang Sawangikar
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The paper deals with CSR initiatives at Reliance Power Ltd. It describes the initiatives taken and development resulting from such initiatives. The spectrum of CSR includes a number of areas as human rights, safety at work, consumer protection, climate protection and caring for the environment, and sustainable management of natural resources, medical benefits to remote areas, self-help groups and employment generation. From the perspective of employees, CSR activities include providing health and safety measures, preserving employee rights and discouraging discrimination at workplace. This helps in fostering a healthy environment within the company. Vidarbha Industries Private limited has a unique implementation model of development Villages. The research Paper highlights those initiatives. Paper also deals with the development and advantages raised due to initiatives initiated by VIPL.

Keywords CSR, Self-Help Groups, Development


About Reliance Power Limited Reliance Power Limited is a part of the Reliance Group, one of India’s largest business houses. The group operates across multiple sectors, including telecommunications, financial services, media and entertainment, infrastructure and energy. The energy sector companies include Reliance Infrastructure and Reliance Power. About Vidarbha Industries Power Limited Vidarbha Industries Power Limited is a subsidiary of the Reliance Power. The 300 MW coal-fired projects in the Butibori Industrial Area of Maharashtra is the prime assignment of the Vidarbha Industries Power Limited. Vidarbha Industries Power Limited, a special purpose vehicle of the Reliance Energy Limited, came into being in the year 2005. In order to successfully complete the Butibori Thermal Power Project the Reliance Energy Limited launched the Vidarbha Industries Power Limited. On 30th August, 2007 the Vidarbha Industries Power Limited became a subsidiary of the Reliance Power. This research Paper focusses on CSR Initiatives by VIPL a subsidiary of Reliance Power Ltd. The paper also focuses on impact assessment of various initiatives undertaken by VIPL.


VIPL covered remote villages in and around their Plant. Detailed study was conducted by VIPL officials along with NGO to understand the requirements of various villages. All villages covered were backward and not having even the basic facilities. Assiduous efforts were taken by all the stakeholders to improve the existing condition. VIPL covered all required areas where inputs can be provided to beneficiaries. Beneficiaries seemed contented from the initiatives. Proper planning. Methodical implementations & involvement of all has enhanced standard of living of many villagers.

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