An Exploration of Role of Human Resource Practices in Sales Department

Author Name(s): Param Agrawal, Apurva Narkhede, Amir H. Khan
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The purpose of the study is impelled by the need to empirically test the role of human resource practices in the sales department of the organization with special emphasis on the practices such as to recruit, train, deploy, retain and reward the right sales talent. The relationship between the sales and human resource department can proved to be of a company’s most valuable relationship leading to the improvement in the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. Qualitative data is collected from the sales professionals of the selected companies. An exploratory study was also conducted to understand factors help in establishing the association between sales and human resource practices. It was also analyzed whether these features fit together with the satisfaction level of workers to be able to work productively and efficiently. The current study signifies the importance of human resource practices from the organizations’ perspective. The findings of the study provide insights about the level of implementation of human resource practices in the sales department of selected organizations and to find out gaps for further improvement.

Keywords Human Resource Practices, Sales Department, Efficiency, Productivity


Human resources practices is important for shaping behaviours and attitudes of the employees in the organisations leading to better outcomes (Arthur, 1994; Huselid, 1995; Wood & De Menezes, 1998). Mainly employees’ high commitment leads to high involvement and hard work to accomplish the goals of organisation and this is achieved by organisation’s human resource policies and procedure (Ellen M. Whitener). Sales department consist of market research, advertising, sales correspondence, sales, service, packaging, warehouse which need a strong sales team split into multiple role with unique functions. Human resource helps the sales to apply a higher level of discipline to talent management so that the sales organization is capable of performing at its best. They give them an understanding of the duties performed by people in different sales roles and realize that with the knowledge of recruitment, job description, screening candidates, personality testing, compensation packages etc.( Jennifer Mc farlane on July 7, 2014.) It is said that the company’s most valuable relationship is the true partnership between sales team and human resource. So as to source and recruit right kind of talent in the sales team it is important for hr to understand how various roles work together within the sales department.



For current study, we have use non-parametric test and collected the data to full fill our objective of study and in the view of analysis done. So, we conclude that the company adopt the common practices which are for recruitment & selection in campus selection and internal reference. For training is improving performance of their employee and training accordingly. For compensation, company adopts Fixed + Variable pay method. For evaluation, companies prefer to do it by supervisor method. These are some of the most prefer practices adopted by the companies and by relevant sector we have consider in our study i.e. 20 prominent companies.

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