Understanding Leadership Style: A Comparative Study of Women Entrepreneurs Vs Working Women

Author Name(s): Sunita Dhote, Prachita Patil, Dr.Yogesh Deshpande
Author Email: dhotesn@rknec.edu


Research suggests that women handle emotions and relationships in a unique way. The rising proportion of women in the recent era is increasing and has been a major contribution to the nation’s economy. Still, the question arises is women possess different leadership style? With the recent innovation hub, the creative world and advances in technology the demand for effective leadership of educated class as well as dynamic women is increasing who really vouch for contributing to the economic growth of nations. Understanding the plethora of overall competitive world, the paper elaborate different leadership style of women working as an entrepreneur and in service sectors. A sample study of 120 women working with various sectors was collected from Nagpur Region. Data were obtained from the face-to-face questionnaire survey and semi-structured interviews. Overall Research Data was collected from entrepreneurs working in diversified fields of Manufacturing, Technology, Retails, and Fashion Designing etc and also from service sectors working in various fields. A detailed comparison was made of women as entrepreneurs with non-entrepreneurs with the help of using T-test of significance to identify the leadership style working in their respective sectors. This paper will provide a unique contribution for the researchers to explore the leadership style working with various fields. It is hoped that findings derived from this study will instigate the development of a theoretical framework on leadership style of women in Nagpur Region.

Keywords:  Women, Entrepreneur, Working Women, Leadership Style, Nagpur Region, Questionnaire Method, Semi-StructureInterview.


Women entrepreneurship with the men’s bastion has crossed the boundaries of the transition phase and still in a race to achieve as a successful business giant. Women in the position of leadership include managers, directors, politicians, judges, scientists, and entrepreneur or managers. Women start their own business and due to their leadership attitude they possess a tendency to hire employees’ especially female employees who can understand the needs of a female customer. With their motivating, guiding and directing style; women can achieve a far better style of leadership as an entrepreneur. These programs considering female employees will be necessary to obtain successful performance for the woman entrepreneur. So the leadership style of woman entrepreneur should be the high consideration. With the past decades, economic fluctuation, technological changes, privatization, with the global economy there has been drastic changes in the short term profit to reshape organizations, trust in an employee’s as a leader, the rise of new styles and their leadership. Women prior to coming as an entrepreneur where lacking the moral confidence and self-attitude which restrict them to be in front stand as a leader and put forth their opinion. Women with the 21st century are coming and standing front irrespective of every field where they can be a good motivator, directing others or controlling employees as well as an organization. Considering the working women, they have to raise their voices, form their union as a woman, and stand in every situation in the coming era. With this keeping in mind, this paper presents an overall perspective of working women and entrepreneurs and their leadership style towards subordinates and employees.



The paper findings contribute to the entrepreneurial skills of women working in different fields. In conclusion one can argue that women entrepreneurs are capable of risk-taking, handling customer relations, interpersonal skills, ability to motivate, risk taking abilities and positive at work. The overall paper was analyzed and compares on the basis of working women and entrepreneurs. The purpose of this paper was to identify various skills and leadership approach with women of different sectors. However, with the statistical analysis, it has been clearly seen that although mean of working women with respect to women entrepreneurs is large but considering the P (T<=t) twotail it is negative, which states that there is a significant difference between working and women entrepreneurs. As with the current scenario women are seen in every sector and if they don’t have leadership style they will fail to achieve a success of ladder. Being a working woman she has to be multitasked with an efficient potential to handle colleagues, boss, staff etc. A working woman has to be updated with enough skills and knowledge and has to satisfy a superior person for increments, performance appraisal, and promotion etc. But with women entrepreneurs, she has to handle employees, staff, partners, and customers and has to guide everyone with different leadership approach. She has to guide everyone in having leadership styles. Thus we can conclude that women have enough talent to show inner potential with the effectiveness of leadership and can equally contribute for profitability and well being which encompasses participants and entrepreneurial objectives as well as the surrounding environment.

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