Qualitative Analysis of Various Determinants in Organizational Design With Special Reference to ITC Limited, India

Abstract The research examines the organizational design feature of erstwhile Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited, (ITC Limited) India, to shed light on the growth potential of ITC. We apply a systematic process to address two fundamental design dimensions of an organization: efficiency and effectiveness to assess the design element in (a) goal, (b) strategy, […]

A Study on Factors Affecting Psychological Wellbeing at Workplace

Abstract Psychological well being in work life of organisation presents different factors for improving attitude towards work and performance of employees in organisation. The factors that make the employees psychologically unwell at workplace creates distress and also aim to reduce employee engagement and quality of performance within organisation. Previous research suggests that changes in the […]

What Do Millennials Desire For? A Study of Expectations From Workplace

Abstract The study focuses on understanding the expectations of millennials from the organization with respect to performance management, working style, norms and culture. Managing millennials has always been a concern for organizations due to high expectations with respect to flexible working hours, rewards and autonomy at work. They are smart and want to leave their […]

Creating Engaged Workplaces through Employee Ownership – A Study on Manas Agro Industries and Infrastructure Ltd

Abstract The research work was undertaken with the objective to understand the working Systems at Unit II of Manas Agro Industries and Infrastructure Ltd. situated at Village Kolari in Central India. The objective behind research was to understand ownership of employees at Unit II towards organization. Sense of belongingness towards their work and organization was […]

Study of Employee Engagement Initiatives at Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. (Subsidiary of Reliance Power), Nagpur

Abstract This study is an exploratory study for understanding the various initiatives taken by Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. (VIPL), Nagpur for employee engagement. The study will draw the relation of various engagement drivers and the engagement outcomes of the employees in the form of say, stay and strive. The successful achievement of engagement outcomes helps […]

Big Five Personality Traits and Academic Performance of Post Graduate Students

Abstract Personality traits have been significantly affecting human behaviour and there is evidence in literature to prove that performance is correlated to these traits. The traits, if identified early can be helpful in understanding the performance / non- performance of human beings, thus, creating an opportunity to improve upon these traits with an objective to […]