Employee Engagement in CSR: Paving Way to Individual Social Responsibility-A Case Study of Persistent Systems Ltd

Author Name(s): Akshita Vyas, Dr. Anil Sarda
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Employee engagement has been one of the most successful tools by HR to maintain work life balance, job satisfaction, and job retention. While a lot of initiatives have been taken with respect to employee’s area of interest, a new way has been introduced in the field of CSR wherein it’s not just limited to employee’s engagement, but employees are indeed the agents of change. The study focuses on employee engagement activities in CSR conducted at Persistent Systems Ltd, using extensive primary data to determine how social volunteering is changing the lives in community and engaging employees on a deeper level.

Keywords CSR, Employee Engagement, HR


Corporate Social Responsibility The companies Act 2013 and addition of section 135 in it is a historic step that makes India the 1st country to have a mandatory CSR policy. While there were mixed reactions from the industry, steadily CSR is now an integral part of a Corporate’s life. In recent times, CSR has also become a very good driver of employee engagement at some companies and has marked its presence.

Employee Engagement: This has been HR’s most favourable tool to achieve employee satisfaction, employee retention and improving work life balance. Employee engagement initiatives takes care of an employee’s interest, creative quotient, and family’s involvement at workplace.

About the Company Persistent Systems Ltd a 28yrs young IT company, established in the year 1990. PSL started addressing social issues from the year 1995 and established its own Foundation in the year 2009, which states it is a company that does CSR not because they have to do it, but who always loved doing it. PSL’s focus areas are Education, Health & community development but one of the integral part is employee engagement wherein employees contribute through donation, time & efforts. This paper will focus on how CSR and social volunteering has proved to be an important aspect in employee engagement in terms of their involvement, commitment and sensitisation.



By the people, of the people, for the people. In CSR this democratic line can be termed as the profit which is earned by the people, which belongs to the people in organization i.e of the people, for the people outside office i.e. the community. A very clear mention in the sec 135 law is CSR cannot be done for employees, their welfare or their family. CSR will be for people outside office. Social responsibility was earlier the work of NGOs and Govt only, then after corporate’s involvement bigger changes are made, now the time should be of Individual Social Responsibility wherein employees are also contributing through volunteering drives in implementing CSR. This has proven to be a good practice of employee engagement activities in private sectors, and corporates became a very good source to sensitize employees on ‘giving back to society’. Based on primary & secondary data, it can be said that employees are very much engaged in CSR activities at Persistent Systems Ltd. The CSR team organizes activities as per the need in focus areas and in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals.

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