Employee Satisfaction Survey at a Super-Specialty Hospital in Nagpur

Author Name(s): Jasmeet Oberoi, KiranTahalramani, Mr. P Santosh
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Employee satisfaction is a very effective tool that measures and maintains a positive culture within the organization. Measuring employee satisfaction is critical because unhappy employees are less likely to satisfy their clients and do work properly. It helps with various other factors like increase in productivity, retaining employees thereby saving the costs and time, uncover issues quickly by conducting anonymous satisfaction survey. It is important to ensure employee satisfaction to deliver health services effectively because health care sector is more people centric sector which is growing rapidly in the recent years. The study addresses the employee satisfaction survey carried out at a known super-specialty hospital in Nagpur. Primary data was collected through standardized questionnaire given to employees of all the departments in the organization consisting of nine parameters which gave insights on different areas where the employee needs to be satisfied in order to reflect positively in the organization. For the matter of research under consideration only three parameters viz Working Conditions (WC), Relationship with Immediate Supervisor (RS) and Training Program (TP) is taken to formulate the hypothesis for the study. The reason behind selecting these parameters for the research is the organization’s greater emphasis on the three out of all the nine parameters as the overall satisfaction was comparatively high for the three. Study of satisfaction level of employees amongst various departments present in the organization (support staff, customer care, doctors, nursing and technicians) with respect to each of the three parameters was also undertaken.

Keywords Employee Satisfaction, Environment, Super Specialty Hospital


The satisfaction of employees is directly associated with the efficiency of an organization and that is why it is important for the organization to ensure if their employees are happy with their work or not. One of the leading challenges in management is implementing effective human development strategies which results on emphasizing on performance which can be done through satisfaction surveys. It is viewed as the degree of an employee’s affective orientation towards the work role occupied in the organization. It gives the employees an opportunity for both, personal and professional development that contributes to the performance of an organization. It is indeed, one of the most effective HR surveys that actually makes employee feel that they are being listened and their queries are being noticed by the higher authorities. Employee satisfaction specially among the hospitals have become really important to study for researchers because hospital personnel these days have difficulties in meeting the needs of patients, if their own needs are not met. Hence, hospital managers have responsibilities of both, staff and patients. This is how employee satisfaction as well as patient satisfaction becomes important from health care settings point of view. Ensuring hospital employees to be satisfied helps in the overall growth and effectively deliver health services where the employees can directly influence patient satisfaction by their involvement and interaction.



From the above analysis we can conclude that irrespective of the different parameters the satisfaction level of the employees is same that is they are happy with the organization. They are provided with the resources that are required to do their job well, interaction with the associates present around enhance their work experience, they find their workplace to be safe and are informed on how to deal with hazardous situation. Employees receive useful and constructive feedback from their superior and are happy about it, they feel that their superiors value their ideas and talents, treats all their associates fairly and handles work related issues satisfactorily. They also believe that the robust training given to them actually helps them to understand the system and policy and to their job well. Strong belief is there towards training and development and they take every opportunity to learn and grow. Also, it can be said that irrespective of the different departments in the organization employees are satisfied with the working conditions and the kind of relationship with the immediate supervisor.

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