Examining the effect of institutional shareholders and free cash flow on cash dividends in companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Abstract The goal of this study is to examine the influence of institutional shareholders and free cash flow on cash dividends. In order to achieve this goal, 125 companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange during 2010-2014 were examined. Multivariate regression of least squares method along panel data were used to test the hypotheses. The results […]

The Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Entrepreneurship Physical Education Departments at Universities in Kerman (A case study)

Abstract This study aimed to investigate the relationship between intellectual capital and organizational entrepreneurship in physical education departments at universities in Kerman. This was correlational field study. The population consisted of staff of physical education departments at universities in Kerman in 2014 (N= 103). All of them were selected as sample. The research tool included Bontis’s […]

The role of coping styles in predicting job burnout in middle aged by controlling the gender variable

Abstract Background and Objective: middle age is defined as a stage of psychological development in the context of life or the transitional period that includes biological, psychological and social changes. Middle-aged people can face with significant adjustment challenges in the workplace. In the discussion of psychological development in middle age, job burnout is a condition […]

Nanotechnology and building industry

Abstract Nanotechnology is one of the new technologies and the demand for new materials in the building industry has been increased with increase in the population and constructions as well as the deficiency of consumable resources and materials. Attempts for achieving solutions to improve the quality and increase material function and reduce the consumption of […]

Identification of determinant factors on corporate entrepreneurship and its role in implantation of entrepreneurship strategy (Case Study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

Abstract The present research aims to identify determinant factors on corporate entrepreneurship and its role in implantation of entrepreneurship strategy (case study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company). This study is a descriptive-survey and cross-sectional in terms of timeline. The study subjects include 7592 staffs working at Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company employees of which using Cochran […]

Examining the Relationship between Organizational Political Climate with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Quality of Working Life of Employees in Offices of Industry and Mining Organization, West Azerbaijan

Abstract The research aims to investigate the impact of organizational political climate on organizational citizenship behavior and quality of working life in offices of Industry and Mining Organization, West Azerbaijan. It is an applicable research objectively; while it is descriptive-survey type, in terms of conducting method. The research population includes 150 employed staff in offices […]

The survey of the relationship between the knowledge management and running a lean production system (case study Qazvin’s Haft Almas manufacturing company)

Abstract The current study is an applied research and it is recounted among the descriptive-correlation studies. The objective of the current study is the investigation of the relationship between KM and running a lean production system in Qazvin’s Haft Almas manufacturing company. To measure the KM, there has been made use of five strategic, procedural, […]

Review of the Effective Factors on the Psychological Empowerment of Employees of Maroon and Karoon Oil and Gas Operating Companies

Abstract Nowadays, one of the most important challenges faced by managers in the organization is not using intellectual resources, mental power and potential capacities of the human resources sufficiently. It is seen that in most organizations, capabilities of the employees are not used optimally and managers are not able get use of their potential capacities. […]

The Comparison between Two Approaches of Governmental Management and Public Participations on the Performance of Irrigation and Drainage Networks of Great Karun

Abstract This essay is a comparative study of the influence of administrative management and public contributions on the function of Great Karoon irrigation and drainage network. In Shoushtar irrigation network 300 questionnaires were distributed based on the statistic population of 1296 people and Morgan table and 288 ones of these questionnaires were collected. In northeast […]