The relationship between positive affect and early maladaptive schemas (emotional deprivation – Disconnection – Uncompromising standards) in patients with clinical depression

Abstract Background: Depression is one of the most common mental disorders and one of the most common psychiatric disorders among adults. Psychological factors and variables representing the depression due to the debilitating process is a necessary condition which should be deemed. Method: In this research project, using the diagnostic interview SCID-1, only patients with a […]

Developing appropriate strategies for boundary cities’ sustainable development(The case: Boundary city Bane)

Abstract Development’s new patterns are based on local development orbit and benefiting from spatial- location varieties. So, nowadays, identification of capacities and abilities in line with access to this important affaire is placed at the center of development planner in different levels of geographical spaces. A brief look at country’s different areas especially urban sectors […]

The Effect of Extrinsic Cues of Products on Brand Preference and Customer Purchase Intentions: The Moderating Effect of Social Factors

Abstract The present study aims to review the role of extrinsic cues of products in brand preference and customer purchase intention and the mediating effect of social factors. The statistical population of the study is comprised of customers demanding foreign automobiles in the city Tehran. There are infinite number of these customers. The simple random […]

Studying the psychological profile of congruent and disparate personality of staff of Iran-Khodro Company with respect to their jobs

Abstract The present study aimed at surveying the individual’s mental health based on their personality types in congruent and disparate vocational environments in Iran-Khodro Company. The major goal of the present study was to evaluate the theories, which are divided into two major and minor parts, and to respond to the stated questions about sex, […]

The Relationship between Marital Commitment and Ability of Empathy with Work-Family Conflict in the Male Employees

Abstract This research is a descriptive correlational study that is conducted by descriptive method and relational style to assess the relationship between marital commitment and ability to empathy with work-family conflict in the male employees of Dashti county Department of Education. Statistical population included all employed men in Dashti county Department of Education in 2014; […]

Institutionalization of organizational knowledge management program in the Shiraz Municipality

Abstract This article investigated the institutionalization of knowledge management program in a unique global engineering organization, the Flor Company. Although many initiatives have failed in the field of knowledge management, the Flora Co. has established a dynamic program that has proven its increasing legitimacy but has been considered an unimportant operation through the time. This article examines […]

Studying the effect of quality of financial reporting on risk of future stock price crash in firms listed in Tehran stock exchange

Abstract A lot of economic decisions are taken based on information arising from accounting information systems. Attention to quality of provided information for users is of special necessity and increasing quality of information can give rise to higher efficiency of firms’ investors and maintenance and development of their resources. Meanwhile, financial reporting and its quality […]