Fuzzy routing with load balancing in mobile adhoc networks

Abstract Mobile adhoc network is a non-infrastructure network consist of small devices with low battery power. These devices can move freely and easily in any direction. Thus, their connection with other devices changes several times. A good routing protocol should be able to get the maximum profit from network’s resources like battery, bandwidth and etc. […]

To study the effect of dimensions of openers on quake behavior of resistant cores of reinforced concrete in tall buildings

Abstract From engineering point of view, a construction can be named tall when its height leads to significant influence of lateral forces of wind and earthquake on its design. Also, contrary to gravity forces, the effect of lateral forces on constructions is so variable and increases along with height. Three fundamental factors should be considered […]

Assessing the Relationship between the Foreign Investment and the Tax Evasion in the Listed Firms on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)

Abstract The present research is aimed to explore the relationship between the foreign investment and the tax evasion in the listed firms on the Tehran stock exchange (TSE). The research has been carried out between 2011 and 2015 in the listed firms on the Tehran stock exchange. Here, the foreign investment and the tax evasion […]

Removal of nickel (II) ions from aqueous solutions using OC-30 surfactant via cloud point extraction

Abstract In this study, the cloud point extraction was carried out for the removal of nickel (II) ions from aqueous solutions using OC-30 as non-ionic surfactant. The effective parameters such as extraction time, optimum pH, cation concentration, ligand concentration, surfactant concentration, effect of ionic strength, and the selectivity of the method for the extraction of […]

Examining the relationship between optimism and sense of humor with resiliency in female nurses of special wards of the hospital

Abstract Introduction and statement of problem: Resilience is a factor that helps people cope with difficult and stressful life situations and protects them against mental disorders, stressful work life conditions, and in general against life problems. In connection with factors strengthening resilience, factors such as a sense of humor and optimism of people are influential. […]

Studying the impact of electronic service quality on customer satisfaction in the banking industry (Case Study: Bank Refah Kargaran, Khuzestan)

Abstract As the first step, this study aims at examining the relationship between dimensions of service quality received and customer satisfaction, and then in the second step, it tries to examine the effects of customer satisfaction on behavioral intentions (purchase, change, and complaint intentions). The study is applied in terms of purpose, and considering method, […]

Studying the effect of drought stress on yield and physiological characteristics in genotypes of canola (Brassica napus L.)

Abstract In order to study the effect of deficit irrigation on some physiological traits of genotypes of canola, a pot experiment was conducted in 2015-2016 in Fars province (Rostam). The pot experiment was examined in a factorial experiment form in a completely randomized design with three replications. The factors to be studied include 20 canola […]

Studying the Effect of Auditor Reputation, Corporate Size, Financial Leverage, and Operating Cash Flows on Absolute Value of Discretionary Accruals in Listed Companies in the Tehran Stock Exchange: Use of adjusted Jones Model

Abstract This papers aims at studying the relationship between auditor’s reputation, corporate size, financial leverage, and operating cash flows and absolute value of discretionary accruals of listed companies in the Tehran stock exchange by using adjusted Jones model. Descriptive correlational method is employed to study the status quo. To do so, information gathered from 138 […]