Environmental Component in Development of Requirements for the Quality of Motor Fuel in Russia

Abstract The article is devoted to the analysis and environmental assessment of changes in the regulatory and technical documentation governing the quality of motor fuel in Russia. The quality of motor fuel is understood as a large set of parameters that determine the efficiency and safety of its use for its intended purpose. Ecological safety […]

The Role of QR Codes in FLT

Abstract Modern education sets the task to prepare active and responsible graduates who will later be able to transform the life of his country in all its spheres. Teachers can only encourage this through the use of new and interesting teaching methods and educational technologies. The article shows the possibility of QR-codes as an interactive […]

Improvement of Gating Systems with the Purpose of Reducing Defects in Large-Size Castings from Gray Iron

Abstract The article analyzes the types of castings defects. There are four groups of them: fit; conditionally fit, with small deviations from the established requirements; correctable marriage; incorrigible or final defects. The way to eliminate casting defects was to change the gating system. Despite the very large number of constructive types of gating systems, 4 […]

Getting Aluminum Bronze Castings with SHS-Cast

Abstract Aluminum bronzes are used in the automotive, aviation and instrument-making, machine-tool and defense, oil and chemical industries due to the high mechanical and anti-friction properties. The corrosion resistance of the alloy makes it possible to use aluminum bronze parts in seawater, so they are widely used in shipbuilding, and the excellent antifriction properties of […]

Development of Algorithm for Calculating the Remaining Life of Thermal Spray Coating

Abstract In today’s world, the product lifecycle monitoring technology has become widely used as it enables collection of data bulk and online processing. Therefore, it ensures the efficient use of monitored products and cost saving due to prevention of accidents, failures and other consequences.These investigations also involved thermal spray coatings. The previous papers mostly dealt […]

Formation of ICT Competency of Bachelor Students While Studying the Course “Information Technologies” in Education

Abstract This paper presents the results of research work on the formation of information and communication technologies (ICT) competency of bachelor students in Teaching who studied the course “Information technology (IT) in education.” In this regard, the concepts of “computer literacy”, “ICT competence”, “ICT competency” are clarified. Also the content and structure of ICT competence […]

Reasons for Forming Particulate Matter in Exhaust Gases of Internal Combustion Engines

Abstract Measuring the amount of particles in the exhaust gas plays an important role in the automotive sector, it begins more important with the introduction of Euro standards which limit the amount of harmful substances entered the air together with the exhaust gases of an automobile engine. Exhaust gas contact is associated with adverse health […]

The Formation of Spherical Graphite in Cast Irons with the Economy of Rare Earth Metals

Abstract The article suggests an alternative technological process for obtaining high-strength cast irons, based on a synergetic complex of casting and metallurgical factors affecting cast iron in the stages of its melt preparation and crystallization in the mold, as well as resource-saving with use of the process of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. The proposed process opens […]

The Investigation of Wood Waste Ash and Linden as Sorbents of Petroleum Products

Abstract Materials of vegetable origin, in particular, woodworking industry residues can be used as alternative sorption materials for extraction of different pollutants out of water media: heavy-metal ions, colorants, phenol, petroleum. Methods of sorption properties improvement of wood residues represent substantial interest. In this work sorption properties of wood residues: sawdust of ash tree (Fráxinus […]