Fuzzy Forecast Approach to Estimation of Complex Engineering System’s Acceptability

Abstract In this paper one of the most actual problem of complex engineering system design and development is discussed. The problem is how to explore and to estimate complex systems possibilities to be reliable and survivable during all its future life cycle. Fuzzy forecasting approach based on group-expertise procedure seems to be most convenient solution […]

Algorithm Error Study for Photometric Measurement System Transformation

Abstract The article studies the errors of conversion algorithms for photometric systems using the example of the Cγ → Bβ transformation. The considered algorithms lead to different types of interpolation at the final stage: on scattered data and bilinear interpolation. The authors study the way the error behaves with a different grid pitch of photometric […]

Determination of Individual Mesio-distal Sizes of Front Teeth Upper and Lower Jaw

Abstract This article focuses on a problem of measuring front teeth’s individual size parameters. Teeth size may determine the set of treatment in orthopaedic stomatology, therapeutic stomatology and orthodontics. Choosing the size of artificial teeth is an important phase of denture, since it determines the function and aesthetics of dental prosthesis. In the practice of […]

Choosing a Power Source of Autonomous Energy-Power Supply of Technological Processes with System Testing for Stability

Abstract This paper presents a method for selecting a source of comparable electrical power with a test of stability of an autonomous power supply system, using the example of a process of a grain’s preliminary cleaning. The factors of violation of stability due to the feature of starting modes of the node of the electric […]

Investigation of Sensor Data Fusions using Continuous-Time Decentralized Kalman Filters (DKF)

Abstract The integration of sensors deals with the accumulation of information from two or more sensors in network. However the accumulation of data is typically the subject of research in the area of image analysis. Generally the reliability of collected data might induce the problem of reconstructing to get its original form. The Various fusion […]

Vulnerability Analysis and Enhancement of Security of Communication Protocol in Industrial Control Systems

Abstract Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are using for monitoring and controlling process plants like Oil & Gas refineries, Power generation and distribution etc. The data acquisition server in these ICS systems uses communication protocol like MODBUS, DNP to collect the data from PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU). Currently, infrastructure utilities depend […]

A Multi-Class Fisher Linear Discriminant Approach for the Improvement in the Accuracy of Complex Texture Discrimination

Abstract Texture segmentation has a wide spectrum of applications in diverse fields. This paper presents an elaborated Fisher Linear Discriminant (FLD) based semi-supervised approach for improving the accuracy of segmentation of multi-class complex fine textures. Gabor filter and local statistics (local variance) are used for feature extraction of texture images. Texture segments in the image […]

Productivity Lecturer in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0: Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)

Abstract Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) is a technique for finding some indicator variables that form variables/constructs that are not directly measured based on existing theories or previous studies. The purpose of this study is to find out the indicators of the most dominant variance/construction affecting it. The results of the analysis will show variables forming […]