System Design of Management of Energy Resources in the Field of Housing

Author Name(s): Alexey G. Isavnin, Denis M. Lysanov, Irina I. Eremina, Izida I. Ishmuradova, Anton N. Karamyshev
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The main areas of work connected with improvement of the sphere of housing are development of the regulating, managing configurations of the equipment, change parameters of real-time operation, remote data collection from metering devices, adjustment of volumes of the provided utilities. It will allow to improve monitoring of functioning of a data collection system about the received utilities and to increase efficiency of identification of power losses in system. Automatic data acquisition from the metering devices of water and the electric power transferred directly to financial settlements center will allow to reduce influence on them of a human factor, to exclude errors at removal and information transfer.


Housing is the largest sphere of economy and plays an important role in providing normal conditions of existence of people. Today, energy saving – one of the major tasks connected with all social and economic aspects of development of society including questions of environmental protection. Considerable reserves of conservation of energy are in water supply systems and heat supplies of buildings as about 40% of the extracted fuel are spent for heat generation. Housing causes an originality and specifics of its activity which is extremely many-sided. Monopolism existence; the high social importance and the vital kind of work in the housing sphere; local nature of production and consumption of works and services; the high level of complexity of this sphere that is expressed in need to simultaneous coordination of functioning of the housing organizations in a uniform technology chain with other enterprises of public service – here not the complete list of specifics and features of the housing sphere which need to be considered when forming effective approach to management. The housing sphere is among the industries in which social, economic and political problems of society most sharply faced. The interrelation between level of income of the population, existence of well-planned housing and quality of life of the population is among. The problem of heat supply of residential areas consists in providing each inhabitant with heating of its apartment at the comfortable level, uninterrupted supply of hot water of proper temperature and quality, at the same time conditions on payment of this service in that volume in which it consumed it have to be created. These tasks have to be performed at the minimum costs of means and with use of modern technical solutions.


Creation of system of the automated remote control of blocks of switches in apartments and on the central strut of hot water supply in the cellar requires purchase of cranes with the drive and accomplishment of their connection to the relay of management. The developed standard configurations of the different equipment taking into account assignment are loaded into the relay of management. The radio transmitter which will organize a communication channel is installed and performs permanent interaction through network with the computer host. Pulse counters which transfer data on a consumption of energy resources join the managing relay.


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