Investigate and Prioritize Human Resources Strategic Planning Prerequisites with Analytic Hierarchy Process Method (Case Study: Fars Province Iranian Health Insurance Organization Office)

Abstract The aim of the present research work is to identify the human resources strategic planning prerequisites and prioritizing them from Iranian Health Insurance Organization office managers and deputies ‘viewpoints in Fars Province with analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method. The statistical population in this research included 17 office managers and deputies who were available during […]

Determine the Role of Mediator of Autonomy in the Working Affairs in Relation between Leadership Styles and Development the Creative Atmosphere in the Workplace

Abstract This research was conducted with the aim of determination the role of independent mediator in the business affairs in relation between leadership styles and development the creative atmosphere in the work place. In this research, that was conducted with descriptive and survey method,  Ports and Maritime Department’s staff of Khuzestan general directorate of ports […]

The Effect of Accounting Quality on the Size Change of The Stock Liquidity

Abstract The outcomes of poor accounting quality information include the reduction of quality of information environment of company, the increase of information asymmetry, incomplete information and reduced liquidity. The financial reporting quality with the effect on decisions of accounting information users leading to the market response are the issues receiving much attention by researches on […]

Relationship between Organizational Culture and Service Innovation: An Empirical Case Study in Insurance Industry

 Abstract Today, service is one of the important competitive advantages of organization in today’s competitive environment and different organizations attempt to move to this goal in the organization. For optimal use of this, we need to recognize its capabilities and true understanding of strategic needs and organization culture. The present study aims to evaluate the […]

The Impact of Organizational Agility on Empowerment of Employees of Executive Systems of Zahedan City

Abstract The present study attempts to evaluate the impact of organizational agility on empowerment of employees of executive systems of Zahedan city. After extension of conceptual space of topic and a theoretical and empirical review of study, the study hypotheses are formulated. By survey method and a questionnaires of organizational agility of Sharifi and Zhang […]

Studying Damaged Moment Beams Reinforced With Carbon Polymer

Abstract Generally, passing of time and environmental factors such as oxidation and corrosion in some parts of the structure, has a significant effect on decreasing load capacity and creating a defect in structure members. Because of resistance and hardness of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), they are suggested as the best materials for repairing the […]

Examining the effect of institutional shareholders and free cash flow on cash dividends in companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

Abstract The goal of this study is to examine the influence of institutional shareholders and free cash flow on cash dividends. In order to achieve this goal, 125 companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange during 2010-2014 were examined. Multivariate regression of least squares method along panel data were used to test the hypotheses. The results […]