Investigating the Effect of Rebound Therapy Practical Program on the Explosive Power of Bottom Extremity in Hearing-Impaired Students

Abstract Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of rebound therapy practical program on explosive power of bottom extremity in hearing-impaired students. Methods: 32 hearing-impaired female students voluntarily participated in this study and they were randomly divided into two experimental and control groups. Explosive power of bottom extremityin pre-test and post-test […]

The survey of the relationship between the knowledge management and running a lean production system (case study Qazvin’s Haft Almas manufacturing company)

Abstract The current study is an applied research and it is recounted among the descriptive-correlation studies. The objective of the current study is the investigation of the relationship between KM and running a lean production system in Qazvin’s Haft Almas manufacturing company. To measure the KM, there has been made use of five strategic, procedural, […]

Review of the Effective Factors on the Psychological Empowerment of Employees of Maroon and Karoon Oil and Gas Operating Companies

Abstract Nowadays, one of the most important challenges faced by managers in the organization is not using intellectual resources, mental power and potential capacities of the human resources sufficiently. It is seen that in most organizations, capabilities of the employees are not used optimally and managers are not able get use of their potential capacities. […]

Investigate the Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Entrepreneurial Management on the Organizational Performance of Insurance Companies

Abstract According to the position of innovation and entrepreneurship in the provided services by insurance companies, in this article, attempts have been made that the impact of entrepreneurship orientation and entrepreneurial management on the organizational performance of insurance companies is investigated. According to the mentioned subjects, the main question in this study can be stated […]

The Study of the Effect of Inability to Provide Services on Customers’ Switching Behavior in Insurance Industry (Case Study: Dana Insurance)

Abstract Today, gaining customer satisfaction regarding a product or service is one of the fundamental necessities of quality management systems and excellence models. It is because providing appropriate services and products which secures customer satisfaction with regards to the provided services and prevents customers’ switching behavior orientation. We should always pay attention that retaining the […]

The Comparison between Two Approaches of Governmental Management and Public Participations on the Performance of Irrigation and Drainage Networks of Great Karun

Abstract This essay is a comparative study of the influence of administrative management and public contributions on the function of Great Karoon irrigation and drainage network. In Shoushtar irrigation network 300 questionnaires were distributed based on the statistic population of 1296 people and Morgan table and 288 ones of these questionnaires were collected. In northeast […]

Explaining the Mediating Role of Cultural, Entrepreneurship and Marketing Capabilities in the Effect of Strategic Orientations on Export Performance in Cellulose Industry in Iran

Abstract Today, experts as one of the most important ways of internationalization for businesses has found a special position in economy of every country and companies constantly are seeking to improve their export performance and the level of their export level. To this end, multiple factors can affect export performance improvement, among which we can […]