Studying the effect of quality of financial reporting on risk of future stock price crash in firms listed in Tehran stock exchange

Abstract A lot of economic decisions are taken based on information arising from accounting information systems. Attention to quality of provided information for users is of special necessity and increasing quality of information can give rise to higher efficiency of firms’ investors and maintenance and development of their resources. Meanwhile, financial reporting and its quality […]

Investigation the effect of accounting earnings components on the future earnings prediction and the value of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange

Abstract Accounting earnings and its related components are among information that is intended to the users of financial statements and they use it in their decisions as an important component and a measurement criterion of many of their expectations. The information related to the earnings components help in prediction of future earnings and is effective […]

Predictive Analytics as a Service on Tax Evasion using Gaussian Regression Process

Abstract Predictive analytics combines the capabilities of statistical analysis, machine learning and data mining. Vast amount of unstructured data produced by various public and private sectors such as government, health insurance, social media and academics gave the way for text analytics to make an insight into finding risk. Predictive analytics can forecast trends, determines statistical […]

Investigating models of operational budgeting and planning in Iran Health Insurance Organization using Diamond Model

Abstract The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between operational budgeting, planning, costs analysis, performance management, management of changing system, system of accountability and motivation of operational budgeting and planning in Iran health insurance organization using Diamond Model, the population studied in this research is the entire budget experts and financial managers […]

Investigation of Thermal Behavior and Comparison of the weight of Constituent materials in the Convectional Outer Shell of Buildings in Iran

Abstract Nowadays, with regards to the rapid growth of technology and the production of new materials in the construction industry and move towards industrialization in this sector, paying attention to the active and inactive methods in terms of optimizing in the construction sector, has been of particular importance and imprecision and mismanagement in the selection […]

Identification of Mineral Deficiency in Rice Crop based on SVM in Approach of K-Means & Fuzzy C-Means Clustering

Abstract To setup a quick, error free and feasible method for diagnosing rice crop nutrition is very necessary for nutritional management. In this paper the support vector machine in approach of K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means clustering is used to identify mineral deficient leaf of Rice Crop. The images are collected from the database of International […]

Conditions to Implement the Admonitory Rule and its Criminal Absolution

Abstract Apprehension of removing responsibility from the defendant in cases with warning subjectivity requires full implementing conditions of the rule of warning. By implementing the rule, disclaiming is inevitable, especially criminal responsibility. Despite its many potential applications, it has not maintained its position and actuality and paid less attention, due to lack of information of […]

Evaluation the Relationship between Online Advertising and Brand Loyalty (Case Study: Customers of sports brands in Isfahan city)

Abstract The purpose of this research was done with aim of evaluating the relationship between online advertising and brand loyalty among sporting brand customers in Isfahan city by descriptive-correlative method. The statistical population of the research was all customers and users of sporting brand in Isfahan. 384 people were selected as sample size through Cochran […]