Investigating Performance of Plastic Hinge in Steel Frames by Knee Bracing

Abstract Constructing plastic hinges and the way of their distribution and failure mechanism can play an important role on seismic structures design. Mechanism type affect frame sensitivity toward secondary effects, total and local ductility, energy absorption and structure resistance before damage, general instability and destruction. Failure mechanism of moment frames under earthquake effect could be […]

The Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Organizational Entrepreneurship Physical Education Departments at Universities in Kerman (A case study)

Abstract This study aimed to investigate the relationship between intellectual capital and organizational entrepreneurship in physical education departments at universities in Kerman. This was correlational field study. The population consisted of staff of physical education departments at universities in Kerman in 2014 (N= 103). All of them were selected as sample. The research tool included Bontis’s […]

Providing a Hybrid Model Based on Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network to Measure Credit Risk of Tejarat Bank’s Real Customers (Branches of Tehran Province)

Abstract It has been initially mentioned in this research that because of increasing diversity of credit institutions and increasing fields of activity and their relationship with people, these institutions require updated and useful methods to manage their credit risk in a scientific method. Research questions include how to measure credit risk of the customers and […]

The role of coping styles in predicting job burnout in middle aged by controlling the gender variable

Abstract Background and Objective: middle age is defined as a stage of psychological development in the context of life or the transitional period that includes biological, psychological and social changes. Middle-aged people can face with significant adjustment challenges in the workplace. In the discussion of psychological development in middle age, job burnout is a condition […]

The Effect of Exhaustive Exercise in the Morning and Evening on ECG Parameters in Male Athletes

Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of exhaustive exercise in the morning and evening on the electrical activity of the heart of middle-aged male athletes. This study was based on the quasi-experimental method.The study population included all male athletes in Shiraz.17 athletes were voluntarily selected as the sample size.In this […]

Nanotechnology and building industry

Abstract Nanotechnology is one of the new technologies and the demand for new materials in the building industry has been increased with increase in the population and constructions as well as the deficiency of consumable resources and materials. Attempts for achieving solutions to improve the quality and increase material function and reduce the consumption of […]

Solutions to Business Process Reengineering in Order to Improve Organizational Performance in Biotechnology Incubator

Abstract This study aims to provide a platform to improve organizational performance and develop an appropriate model for other similar and colleague organizations via evaluating and presenting solutions to business process reengineering in the biotechnology incubator. To do so, based on the conceptual model, the status of organizational performance in the bio incubator was evaluated […]

Identification of determinant factors on corporate entrepreneurship and its role in implantation of entrepreneurship strategy (Case Study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company)

Abstract The present research aims to identify determinant factors on corporate entrepreneurship and its role in implantation of entrepreneurship strategy (case study: Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company). This study is a descriptive-survey and cross-sectional in terms of timeline. The study subjects include 7592 staffs working at Aghajari Oil and Gas Production Company employees of which using Cochran […]

Comparison of Three Tree Leaves as Biomonitors of Heavy Metals Contamination in Dust, A Case Study of Isfahan

Abstract The major challenges facing atmospheric pollution assessment are the difficulties and the high costs associated with direct sampling. Instead of dust samples, tree leaves have been used as biomonitors to overcome these difficulties. In this study, leaves were collected from the three tree species of Platanus orientalis L, Ulmus boissieri, and Morus alba at […]

Examining the Relationship between Organizational Political Climate with Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Quality of Working Life of Employees in Offices of Industry and Mining Organization, West Azerbaijan

Abstract The research aims to investigate the impact of organizational political climate on organizational citizenship behavior and quality of working life in offices of Industry and Mining Organization, West Azerbaijan. It is an applicable research objectively; while it is descriptive-survey type, in terms of conducting method. The research population includes 150 employed staff in offices […]