Comparative Analysis of Pure and Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithms for Risk Prediction of Diabetes Mellitus

Abstract Diabetes, a chronic disease, occurs due to abnormal levels of glucose and insulin in our bodies. The major factors leading to the disease are lifestyle factors such as diet, insufficient physical activity, increased stress levels and obesity. One of the major issue with diabetes is the mildness of its symptoms which delays its diagnosis […]


Abstract Punctuation performs an important role in language processing. However, automated speech recognization systems only output plain terms sequences. It really is then appealing to predict punctuations on simple word sequences. Earlier works are focused on using lexical features or prosodic cues captured from small corpus to predictable simple punctuations. When compared with simple punctuations, […]

The Relationship between Marital Commitment and Ability of Empathy with Work-Family Conflict in the Male Employees

Abstract This research is a descriptive correlational study that is conducted by descriptive method and relational style to assess the relationship between marital commitment and ability to empathy with work-family conflict in the male employees of Dashti county Department of Education. Statistical population included all employed men in Dashti county Department of Education in 2014; […]

Semantic Similarity based Web Document Clustering Using Hybrid Swarm Intelligence and FuzzyC-Means

Abstract Information retrieval technology has been central to the success of the web. The volume of information stored and accessed on web is increasing continuously. This enlargement leads to the difficulties such as seeking and managing the existing information. The use of keyword based method in information retrieval processing is the reason behind this limitation […]

Institutionalization of organizational knowledge management program in the Shiraz Municipality

Abstract This article investigated the institutionalization of knowledge management program in a unique global engineering organization, the Flor Company. Although many initiatives have failed in the field of knowledge management, the Flora Co. has established a dynamic program that has proven its increasing legitimacy but has been considered an unimportant operation through the time. This article examines […]

Mining Sequential Patterns using Two-Tail Time Effect

Abstract The temporal component of the spatio-temporal databases is the key factor that leads to large accumulation of data. It can be said that continuous collection of spatial data, leads to spatio-temporal databases. An event type sequence is called as a sequential pattern and extracting such sequential patterns from spatio-temporal event data sets paves way […]