Training Need Analysis at Manas Agro Industries and Infrastructure Ltd.

Author Name(s): Dr. Kanak Wadhwani, Ms. Alpana Deshpande
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The research work was undertaken with the objective to understand the working Systems at Unit II of Manas Agro Industries and Infrastructure Ltd. situated at Village Kolari. The research involved the conduction of Job Analysis of the various positions at the plant and to understand the deployment of manpower at each level. Further, the paper focuses on the working environment and culture at Unit II. Based on interviews Training needs of employees at Manas were identified. Paper aims suggesting relevant areas of training for employees in order to increase their efficiency at work.

Keywords Job Analysis, Training Need Analysis, Manpower Deployment


Company Profile MAIIL; Manas Agro Industries and Infrastructure Limited, a Conglomerate is owned and managed by experienced group of professionals with high expertise in various industries. A diversified group consisting businesses of strategically crucial ventures such as Sugar Power and Distillery and LPG has a huge business growth. MAIIL has a strategic partnership with ESSAR petroleum for supply of Ethanol blended petrol at affordable rates The research paper depicts Training need Analysis conducted at Unit II of MAIIL. The study was undertaken at MAIIL so as to understand the working Systems at Unit II situated at Village Kolari. Unit II is involved in generating Power and is regarded amongst the most efficient plants in Vidarbha. The power plant supply Nonconventional energy to the power-starved state of Maharashtra. They are utilizing rice husk/saw dust as the primary fuel for the Co-gen plant. Plant is operated 24 Hours & employees work in 3 different shifts.



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