A Study on Factors Affecting Psychological Wellbeing at Workplace

Author Name(s): Dr. Kanak Wadhwani, Ms Trupti Barve
Author Email: wadhwanik@rknec.edu


Psychological well being in work life of organisation presents different factors for improving attitude towards work and performance of employees in organisation. The factors that make the employees psychologically unwell at workplace creates distress and also aim to reduce employee engagement and quality of performance within organisation. Previous research suggests that changes in the working conditions alone is not expected to improve the psychological conditions of employees Change of organisational culture even does not make a change in well being of employees in managing in difficult working conditions. Psychological factors such as stress, depression, health problems, loneliness etc. accounts in affecting working environment and performance of that individual. There is a casual relationship between all such factors and work life. The research tries to bring out the degree of relationship between all such factors of psychological wellbeing in organisation. The research offers findings in more précised way on basis of particular factors enhancing the psychological wellbeing at work place by having employees who are healthy and happy at work place. It creates a difference in the performance and quality of work done when the employees are high on psychological wellbeing.

Keywords: Peer to Peer Motivation, Performance Appraisals, Well Being


A psychological wellbeing refers to a positive mental state of a person. The concept of well being or feeling well, it not only includes positive aspects or positive factors such as contentment, commitment, growth but also other aspects such as development of interest, confidence, affiliation and engagement. To function efficiency in a psychological sense in an organisation, it involve the development of potential with positive aspects of growth and purpose for working towards his or her goal and also having positive relationships with others. It is a subjective entity and cannot be described as either positive or negative. It is usually referred as finding an equilibrium between the positive and the negative aspects. There are several factors on which the psychological well being is evaluated. At an individual level, an individual himself evaluates his well being on factors such as self acceptance, positive relationships with others, autonomy, environment, purpose of life, growth in life. Whereas for an individual working in an organisation as an employee, the psychological well being differs. Here it includes factors such as job satisfaction, salary, stress and depression at work, working conditions, culture, relationship between subordinates and superior, rewards and compensation, job security, other benefits.


It is already proven that there is a relationship between psychological well being and work performance. Proper working conditions and working environment of organisation is most important to have a good psychology among the employees. For a happier professional life well being at work place is of utmost importance. Also a balance between the work life and personal life should be maintained. Personal factors such health problems, change in family structure must not affect the work life. It has been proven most of the factors affecting work is the psychological factors itself. An employee has be psychologically well in terms of every aspect to work well.

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