Study of Employee Engagement Initiatives at Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. (Subsidiary of Reliance Power), Nagpur

Author Name(s): Dr. Ruchi Sao, Mr. Rahul Miglani
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This study is an exploratory study for understanding the various initiatives taken by Vidarbha Industries Power Ltd. (VIPL), Nagpur for employee engagement. The study will draw the relation of various engagement drivers and the engagement outcomes of the employees in the form of say, stay and strive. The successful achievement of engagement outcomes helps in fulfilling business outcomes in the broad areas of talent, operational, customer and financial. Various initiatives at VIPL for employee engagement will be studied and reported in the paper. Some of the initiatives resulting in employee engagement are reward and recognition programmes, suggestion schemes, town hall interactions, HR policy as per the needs of the employees and many more. Every year, employee engagement survey is conducted by external agency. Several employee engagement initiatives are taken which take care of family, team bonding, sports related activities and many more which will be discussed in the paper. The performance management system ensures timely reviews and is completely developmental in nature. This helps the employee to grow through practice of goal setting and constant monitoring and mentoring between the appraiser and appraisee. Going beyond the statutory compliances, VIPL believes in taking care of the health and welfare of all the workers and employees. Overall, the engagement initiatives at VIPL results in increased engaged workforce thereby affecting the business of organization in a positive way.

Keywords : Aon Hewitt Model, Employee Engagement, Say, Stay and Strive


Employee engagement is used interchangeably with employee satisfaction. But, it is not so. The concept of employee engagement is much deeper and includes the psychological involvement of the employee in the best possible way. The Aon Hewitt Employee Engagement Model is widely used by companies to measure the employee engagement. The company also publishes an annual report by the name “Trends in Global Employee Engagement” since 2012 which reports the employee engagement percentages across the globe. The employee engagement score was 59% in 2011 and fluctuated in a similar range till 2017 wherein the score was 65%. As per the report, the score is majorly driven by biggest markets in Asia and Africa. There are six employee engagement divers identified in the model namely, engaging leadership, talent focus, the work, the basics and agility. The priority as per the recent report is where employees are seeking exposure in senior leadership and strategy. As always, reward and recognition was the strongest driver of employee engagement. Out

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