E-MAC: Efficient MAC Protocol for Time-Critical Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks

Abstract Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are used in numerous ranges of applications to sense the desired data form environment and transmit it to the central coordinator in energy efficient manner in order to increase the network’s lifetime. In addition to energy there are few other factors, such as quality of service (QoS) which are also […]

Energy Efficient Dynamic Tasks Oriented Scheduling in Green Control Cloud

Abstract Cloud computing is the energetic distribution of information technology resources and proficiencies as a service above the Internet. Virtualization is the establishment of a virtual arrangement of system such as system computing device or machine server, a computer operating system, or network system device or hard disk storage device. To address the main problem […]

Internet of Things Based Monitoring and AI Based Testing Approach for Sensor Activity Testing of Embedded Systems

Abstract The Internet of Things has been applied in many of the industries. Huge and large industries demand human less monitoring systems. Embedded system testing process proved as most critical and complex process in industries. In Embedded system testing, continues monitoring and testing of input, outputs and sensory activity is an essential requirement, each device […]

Surface Corrosion Detection and Classification for Steel Alloy using Image Processing and Machine Learning

Abstract Usually Stainless steel is notable for corrosion resistance; however, corrosion can happen in the environment with low oxygen and high salinity environment. The visual approach for corrosion detection is completely dependent on the quality of images and specialist’s knowledge and experience. Corrosion detection and analysis can be done either through chemical based approach or […]