Analysis of Load Balancing and Fault Tolerant Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

Abstract Fast development from last few years in wireless senor network has create great impact on researcher and motivated by various real time issues. There are huge numbers of sensors deploy in network which sense the neighbouring information and processed the gathered data to the base station, processing speed, storage and communication bandwidth. Because of […]

Predictive Analytics for Anomaly Detection in Internet of Things Enabled Smart Cold Storage Warehousing

Abstract Sensors connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) generates billions of data points that can lead to real-time insights. The sensor data stream-in at an interval of one second, which is equivalent to 86400 rows of data per day. A correct predictive analytics of sensor stream information can be used to estimate missing values […]

Enhanced RSA Key Generation Modelling Using Fingerprint Biometric

Abstract The RSA is a de-facto standard for public key cryptography, which provides, data confidentiality, data integrity, and authentication. However, RSA is computationally more expensive and needs longer key lengths which are very difficult to store on smaller computing devices e.g. smartphone, smartcards, palmtop, etc. Key generation using the matrix in RSA provides a way […]

The Hexapod Walking Robot

Abstract Now a- days, robots are made for just walking on flat surface and are unable to walk on sand, hills & rough surfaces but this type of problem can be solved by using new technology of robots called Hexapods. A hexapod is capable of fulfilling all these needs & also has high accuracy in […]

N-gram Based WSD for Improving Accuracy of Machine Translation using TM

Abstract Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) concerns with selecting an accurate sense of a term automatically in the given situation. It is very significant and challenging problem in several applications of natural language processing. We have used a probabilistic model in our system. Word Sense Disambiguation is done based on n-grams (bigrams and trigrams). The objective […]

Comprehensive Assessment of Wearable Radiating Textile Sensorics

Abstract Latest E-textile technologies needs wireless medium and channel as well as appreciable coverage area with small size and robust structure. The sensors embedded inside textile material must be insensitive to noise and comfortable to wear. This review paper summarizes and addressing the Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification (UHF RFID) tags equipped all the […]