Data Extraction by Using Natural Language Processing Tool

Author Name(s): Sujata D. More, Mangala S. Madankar, Dr. M.B.Chandak
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In case of smart cities, main concern lies in analysing the huge amount of data coming from various sources in real-time. In todays world, usage of social networking sites has expanded exponentially. So we may say that people acts as a detector by using these social networking sites and detects the information in various forms. So every individual here acts as a detector who gets the information from real world. Anyone can report such information made by others as their own. The information could either be true or false depending on individual perception. This paper presents the role of data detection from social networking sites. People are sources and represented as detector. The information they provide is represented as data. The data is identified by detector to find out which data is correct or not and it split the data from Interference by using Natural Language Processing.


People obtains the information about physical world from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. These social networking sites plays vital role in our society and are very helpful in getting the information about the world. In March 2011 Japan suffers horrible tragedy as Tsunami. In that so many people destroy there life’s. Twitter is the first social Network which describe the damage of Japan Tsunami . The Japan Government later suggest to encouraging the use of social network in the study for calamity recovery[6]. It is important to know that social networking apps like twitter contains various kinds of information about the world. Many people posts updates about their day to day activities or we can say post the data on twitter. Out of which some data are correct, some are irrelevant or some data are personal. We can use such data which is in the form of tweets posted by people, for our analysis purpose and find so many real world problems in the form of calamities or disasters. This paper presented role of social networks as sensor networks. People sources represent as
Detector. The information they make represent data. The data is identified by detector to find which data is correct or not. And it split the data from interference by using natural language processing.[3]


This paper searching the use of social network as sensor network to find the correct perception that something has occurred or some problem exists. The information they get from twitter represent as a data . The sensing problem Which shows that which data is correct or which data is wrong . Which is to say, Split the data from noise using natural language processing tool. The solution was implemented in our application and find the best accuracy .This paper can be Extend in broad level by creating mobile application. This application will be publicly available and people will download all notification, This can be as a real-time application. We can create our own new Social networking Site, So the people will easily create the account, & get the real-time updates related to Disaster. So this will help for society

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