Dimensionality Reduction for Improving the Performance of Risk Calculation Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Abstract The profit and loss of the insured person have been mainly associated with the risk of that person. The presence of the uneven distribution of this risk defines different characteristic and lifestyle of that person. Today because of lots of information gathering from technology and ease of availability of data, underwriting and policy-making in […]

Design of Lookup Table using Quaternary Logic in Voltage Mode Standard CMOS Circuit

Abstract Designer face challenges in interconnection due to the large number of components. Interconnection and power consumption perform significant part in this paper. The shortcomings of the previous work done is high interconnections, which leads to high power usage along with more area required. The Binary logic circuits is constrained by using the number of […]

Design of Password Guessing Prevention Protocol for Levelled-Security System

Abstract Most applications use the password for authentication of the legitimate user. These applications maintain a database of username and corresponding password. In databases, passwords are stored in the form of hash values which are irreversible. A potential hacker may use brute force attack or dictionary attack for guessing the password. In brute force attack; […]

Image Compression Analysis in Torrent Based Wireless Sensor Network

Abstract Image compression can be achieved efficiently using Wavelet transformation concept in wireless sensor network. Torrent based architecture can be plugged successfully in wireless sensor network. The results are analyzed in this study and outcome of experiment is stated with respect to performance parameters. Wavelet is a template to record changes those occur in real-world […]

Overview and Application of Text Data Pre-Processing Techniques for Text Mining on Health News Tweets

Abstract With the huge abundance of textual data in electronic form on the internet, there is a growing need to identify and extract meaningful information and patterns from this underlying text data. While in a broader context this is Data Mining, since applied to text data, this gives rise to a specialization within data mining, […]

Design of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Cluster for Securely Data Gathering

Abstract The wireless sensor network organizes the collection of the sensor for detected information and sending to the suitable station, where information examination is performed. The clustering is not only considering energy parameter but also proposing other parameters like distance, no of neighboring nodes. And depending on the parameters cluster head has calculated. Security is […]

User Retrieval of Trademarks System Using Conceptual Similarity Approach

Abstract The trademark is a form of intellectual property. There is a need to protect them. Trademarks are images, texts, slogan, and any domain name. It uniquely distinguishes the services or goods of businesses. There are a number of issues of trademark infringement. The conceptual similarity is also one issue regarding trademark infringement litigation for […]