Bollywood Movies and Social Media Analytics

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There is a lot of usage of data available on social media for analysis in corporate sector today. The research paper is based on literature available through secondary data. It highlights the use of social media for creating awareness and a positive feeling for Bollywood movies. For the purpose of the paper, three major movies released in India in the past two years have been taken as a sample in which social data analytics has been used by the production houses. The movies are ‘Golmaal again’, ‘Ae dil hain mushkil’ and ‘Bahubali’. Majority of the end users at social networking sites share their preferences and interests with respect to the field of art, movies, travel or any other criteria. This data is shared by the social networking sites of the companies with whom they have a contract. For instance, if I see a video on Facebook, similar videos start showing up in my news feed. The production houses have taken this as an opportunity by launching contests, sharing unplugged songs and more initiatives discussed in the paper which has helped to create more number of viewers and in turn more number of the audience waiting for the movie. Through this paper, techniques and ideas used by capturing the social media have been written.


We live in an era of technology where our information is in open access, thanks to social networking sites and the umpteen number of android apps that we keep downloading. Social media also encompasses Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, blogs, wikis and news which generates the unstructured text; can be accessible through the web (Batrinca B & Treleaven P, 2014). There are many terms used such as news analytics, opinion mining, scraping, sentiment analysis, text analytics, data visualization and so many more which are now used for social media data analytics. Today, we have a profile page which sneaks into our taste, lifestyle and all preferences. This data is being used from social media in the field of analytics to a great extent now. So, if I am interested in movies that are made by Rohit Shetty, Bollywood director; I would start getting newsfeed on the same on my profile page. Be the category of movie action, adventure, documentary or any other type; attracting the audience is very common by applying tools of data analytics. It
is now very common for production houses who hire an expert team of social media analytics to pull the audience. The experts would help you to build a brand for the movies. They identify the areas and the generations which would get attracted to the movies on the basis of which advertising and campaigning plans are made.


The simple accessibility of APIs given by Twitter, Facebook and News administrations has prompted a ‘blast’ of information administrations and programming apparatuses for scratching and estimation investigation, and online networking examination stages. The contextual analyses introduced in this paper delineate the breadth and capability of online networking examination. A considerable measure of difficulties still exists in the online networking examination field. As large information have risen as another logical worldview, growing more viable and effective enormous information methods for webbased social networking investigation and utilize these strategies to make new esteem or help with settling on more educated choices in huge information condition has turned out to be progressively essential.

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