A Comprehensive Literature Review on Data Analytics in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Abstract IoT (Internet of Things) is the paradigm in which efforts are being made to enable seamless processing of information by integrating physical and digital world devices that can be used ubiquitously. Integration of IoT and cloud computing is the major research area where the data collected from the various high data rate sensors and […]

An IOT Based Environmental Radiation Monitoring Through Wireless Sensors Network

ABSTRACT This paper presents the functional design and integration of a complete WSN platform that can be used to remote environmental monitoring and target for IoT applications. The system of physical object devices, vehicles, buildings and other items embedded with sensors, electronics, software and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data, […]

Design and Analysis of Band notched Wide band Metamaterial Integrated U &T shaped patch with strip line antenna for wireless application

Abstract In this paper, we design a metamaterial based antenna for wideband applications. For the design we consider a unit cell of MM by integrating a U shape patch section with T shape patch, Three such unit cells were attached together to form the desired wideband antenna. Here the dielectric substrate used is Rogers RT/duroid […]

Performance Analysis of 4G Systems with Channel Coding Algorithms

Abstract The performance of wireless communication system is degraded by the burst errors due to deep fades under multipath environment. So, techniques like forward error correction algorithms or automatic repeat request (ARQ) or a combination of both (hybrid ARQ) eliminates the bit error rate (BER). The paper focuses on the performance comparison analysis of different […]

An analysis of a un decimated BM3D de-speckling method for monochrome images

Abstract In microwave or synthetic aperture radar or radar image formation, a speckle noise is generally added. This noise is available in coherent imaging systems like radar image capturing, medical image capturing, etc. De-speckling methods are used to de-speckle the available speckle noise from these speckled systems. In optical image formation, other noises are added.An […]

Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform based Signal Denoising Technique

Abstract In this paper, the performance of the signal and denoising techniques using different types of Wavelet Transform techniques is evaluated based on the different performance metrics such as Signal to Noise Ratio(SNR).  A new Complex Wavelet Transform technique called Hybrid Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform, has been proposed in this work, so as to […]

A Review on Signature and Logo Identification and Extraction using Automatic Logo Based Document Image Retrieval Methods

Abstract In Present days we are going with paperless environment for the documentation purpose in order to save the lives of trees. The documents may consists of text, symbols, tables, graphs, logos and signatures and other features also. Out of all these features the signature and logos are having their own unique properties in the […]

Satellite Image Classification based on Ensemble Subspace Discriminant method using Random Subspace Algorithm

Abstract Classification of images obtained from satellites is a challenge now-a-days in order to know the information contained by them. This requires the adaption of the present state-of-art classifiers. Correct information can be retrieved only with good classification method. But single classifier may not meet the requirement, so that ensemble techniques are preferable. For classification […]