Academic Mobility as a Factor of Improving the Competitiveness of University Graduates

Abstract The article investigates the influence of academic mobility on the quality of the university graduates training. We have identified the current trends of development of academic mobility of students in higher education system in Russia. We have investigated the motives of participation in academic mobility, subjective and objective factors in a partner-university choosing. We […]

Aspects of Decision-Making System Development During Enrollment Campaign in Higher Education Institutions

Abstract The study explores the aspects of decision making system development within enrolment campaign in institutes of higher education. Based on the survey on entrants’ and students’ opinion main directions are assumed for the creation of integrated communication system involving existing and potential consumers of educational services, as well as university’s image development.  Creation of […]

Implementation of the Communicative Competence among Students with the use of Gaming Activities in Biology

Abstract The Russian education system has always been noted for its competent. In general, educational institutions, the ideas of a competent approach are realized, first of all, through its educational content. Federal government educational standards of primary general education, basic general education and secondary general education of the generation are based on the ideas of […]

An Investigation into the Factors Influencing Customer Mental Image about the Performance of Iran Melli Bank

Abstract Today, most firms demand a positive reputation among employees, customers, investors and the public. Hence, the ability to satisfy the needs of various stakeholders contributes the organization to create a positive feeling among people. To manage customers’ subjective perception, it is necessary to study the process in which the image is created for customers […]

An Integrated Data Management Model for the Road Traffic Injury Surveillance System’s in Developing Countries

Abstract The road traffic injuries are among the serious problems of the public health that occur mainly in low -and middle income countries. The prerequisite for improving the status of traffic accidents is a comprehensive data collection system that is managed correctly. The present study is a descriptive-applied one conducted to provide an integrated data […]

An Empirical Study on Tendency & Behavior to use Information Systems (IS)

Abstract Now a days, with the development and diversification of product and service organizations as well as the intense competition between them, are exposed to transformation the ultimate success and even survival of the organization depends to an organization’s ability to absorb and use information knowledge and new technology to create some kind of advantage […]

Design of Dual-Frequency Receiver Antenna for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System

Abstract This paper presents the design of a dual-frequency rectangular microstrip patch receiver antenna for Indian regional navigation satellite system (IRNSS) also called NAVIC. The dual feed single layer antenna works on operating frequencies at L5 band (1176.45 MHz) and at S band (2492.5 MHz). Here feeding is done through two ports. Hence antenna is […]