Virtual Screening of Interaction of rpoB gene to Secondary-Line Anti- Leprosy Drugs for Rifampicin Resistant M. leprae using In-Silico Approach

Abstract Leprosy, caused by the pathogen Mycobacterium leprae, is still a public health threat in some parts of the world. It has been recently noted that several M. leprae isolates have developed secondary resistance to WHO recommended MDT especially to its bactericidal drug, Rifampicin. In this work, in silico molecular docking was performed using Molegro virtual Docker […]

Investigating Emotional Intelligence of Managers and Its Relationship with Organizational Commitment and Staff Productivity in Iran University of Medical Sciences

Abstract Management literature state that management skills in general and emotional intelligence particularly have a determining role in managers’ success in the workplace and considering wide aspects of emotional intelligence and its important position in individual and social life of people, in the management fields in organizational behavior, its role in organizational commitment and improving […]

Examining drivers of e-commerce marketing capabilities and their impact on export venture e-commerce performance and export market growth: mediating role of efficiencies

Abstract Rapid growth of the Internet infrastructure in Iran during the past decade and new advancements in IT and e-commerce area in the world have contributed to the importance of the Internet and e-commerce. These changes have resulted in prospering Internet-based businesses and e-commerce in Iran and also across the world. This study aims to […]

Investigating some of the relevant factors of drug recurrence in methadone-treated patients, referring to addiction treatment centers in Birjand

Abstract Introduction: Recurrence or returning to narcotics in treated addicts is a common phenomenon. The purpose of this study was to investigate some of the effective factors in drug returning in methadone-treated patients, referring to addiction treatment centers in Birjand. Methods: This is a descriptive-analytic study in which, has been investigated 200 addicts, referred to […]

Comparitive Study of DNA Fingerfprinting of Biological samplies obtained from Crime Scene using AFLP Methods

Abstract The use of DNA finger printing technology in the area of crime investigation and individual identification has gained tremendous importance. These are several techniques like AFLP, RFLP, RAPD, VNTR and others which will help to analyze the variations among the test samples based upon the type of fragmentation seen and the band pattern observed. […]

Evaluation of the effect of Mutations on the Protease enzyme production by Lactobacillus delbrueckii

Abstract Proteases are the enzymes produced in most organisms. Proteases produced by enzymatic methods are more environment friendly when compared to the chemical process and it has tremendous potential in the leather and several other industries. However optimization of protocol for the production of protease could involve several variables such as temperature, pH and incubation […]

Confirmation of assassin from exhibits left at crime scene and its comparison with control sample of suspects using APoB primer

Abstract DNA finger printing is a powerful technology for individualization of a person. In Forensic Science it has been used since three decades giving absolute results. In present study an effort has been made to extract and isolate DNA from exhibits like chewing gum and socks that were left at assumed crime scene and consequently […]